Mobile SEO service in Hyderabad

Mobile SEO has been ringing aloud for a few years and has now slowly gained traction to become a dedicated service offered by Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad.

If you are still pulling your head around this newfound interest of small, medium and large businesses for Mobile SEO Services in Hyderabad, then this blog is for you. Here we give you a basic idea about Mobile SEO, the difference between SEO and Mobile SEO and the ways you incorporate the mobile SEO strategies into your SEO plan. So read on:

What is Mobile SEO?

While SEO is the process of optimizing the website inside-out to make it suitable for better rankings on a web search on a desktop, Mobile SEO is optimizing performed for better search results on mobile.

 Mobile SEO is for mobile what SEO is for desktop search. But the catch here is that Mobile SEO is more important than SEO because Google is completely moving into mobile-first indexing. What this means for a website is that Google Bot crawls the mobile version of your website and Google considers the mobile version for all its indexing and ranking functions. And Mobile SEO helps your website stay top of its game in all respects to help your website rank high in the search rankings.

Long story, short: Mobile SEO is going to be your new SEO (in the next few months).

The difference – SEO vs Mobile SEO:

Regular SEO does take care of all the basic requisites to optimize a website for search engine rankings. We are saying ‘basic’ here because basic requisites are not exactly enough for the mobile rankings as mobile search rankings predominantly depend upon a set of additional factors like user location, the operating system of the mobile, screen size, page organization or several other sets of features specific for mobiles.

Though these factors may seem like simple ones, they play out into a major differential for optimization.  In essence, Mobile SEO is an extension of SEO by focusing on mobile search factors that play a crucial role in search engine rankings.

Taking these factors into consideration, here are some of the attributes a Mobile SEO optimized website has:

  1. A responsive design that comfortably organizes the size based on any screen size and resolution performing uniformly across all types of mobile devices providing a good user experience.
  2. Site speed or page loading speed must be high and must be easily loaded on all types of mobile networks.
  3. The website must be finger-friendly for site navigation with all the links and buttons easily accessible to the fingers.
  4. The mobile website has all the appropriate layouts, colours, fonts and content is easily legible without zoom-in and is appropriate for all the click actions.

Though all this may sound easy, it is not. The mobile website must be perfectly be optimized for the look, feel, functionality, and even maintenance all targeted for better Mobile. Optimizing for Mobile SEO includes responsive design, optimized title tags and descriptions, usage for structured data, site loading speed, improved user experience, local search optimization which can constitute a site-wide redesign sometimes, in partnership with Mobile SEO experts. However, we are going to discuss all these Mobile Search Optimization strategies in our next blog for your better understanding.

Having been offering SEO Services in Hyderabad for more than a decade now, let us say this: Mobile SEO is soon going to be the SEO and when done right it can do wonders to your search rankings and website traffic. If you want to optimize your website for better search ranking and are looking for Mobile SEO Optimization Services in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions can help you.

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