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Even though you’re content marketing is right on top of its game, you need a vehicle that drives your point home or shall we say product?

You need a vehicle with a lot of goodwill among which could command their attention at will.

And that is when Influencer Marketing comes into the picture.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an umbrella term for marketing that focuses on leveraging the power of thought leaders in the development and delivery of the brand’s message to the audience. Instead of directly marketing to your intended audience you use the power of the thought leader (influencer) of particular niche to get their attention and influence them to make positive purchasing decisions.

The influencers we are talking about here are the individuals who have established a reputation of being an expert in a particular niche that our product belongs to. These experts who have garnered a lot of following online and can influence the purchasing decisions of the customer collaborate with brands to spread the brand’s message effectively.

Your potential customer can ignore your ad but they cannot ignore content from their favorite content producer (influencer), do they?

But how does influencer marketing help my business?

To completely understand let us go through the purchase cycle of a digital customer who wishes to purchase a new product, lets us take an example of mobile phone here:

  • The consumer is recommended the mobile through social media or display advertising (Social Media Marketing in action).
  • The consumer might ignore the advertisement but when the same mobile is being talked about by this famous mobile reviewer who he admires for his expertise in mobile phones, he would notice.
  • The reviewer carefully explains everything and provides genuine information about the product and it piques his attention.
  • He decides to learn more about the mobile phone and verify the features of doing his own research and decides to buy a mobile phone.

What can go wrong when he has made his decision through his own research?

So congratulations, you scored a customer and a great shot at making him your valued lifelong customer.

The above is a brief outline of millennials customer journey looking buy a new product and as a brand, you can shortcut your way into his journey to present your product. As you can see in the above case the online marketing is important to get those impressions but influencer marketing what makes the sale close.

At Samskriti Business Solutions is a Digital Marketing Company we regularly collaborate with the influencers of versatile niches to get things done for our clients. Being the experts in Digital Marketing Services, we perfectly blend our expert Online Marketing tools and techniques with innovative influencer marketing strategies to maximize your sales and profit.

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