What is Content Marketing

If you are a small and medium business owner taking a dip into digital marketing for your business, then you must have come across ‘Content Marketing’. It is also highly possible that the sole reason you are reading this blog is that you have searched for ‘Content Development Companies in Hyderabad’, and Google has redirected you to this piece.

As redirected, today we are going to help you know about Content Marketing – in most layman terms possible and also help you improve your awareness about Content Marketing Strategy in 2021 for your business. So read on: 

What is Content Marketing?

In simpler terms, Content marketing is the strategic use of content to market products and services. The ‘content’ mentioned here can be anything from the written word (articles, DIY guides, or even tweets) to relevant video or audio content that users can interact with during their daily life.

 Let us give you an example. One of our clients who are a major player in the e-commerce of natural medicinal herbs in North America is keen on boosting his sales in India. Given the herbs were from premium manufacturers, the cost prices are very high as compared to competitors – a straight on PPC doesn’t give any results without identifying the core market.

In addition to working on their SEO, SEM, we employed our Content Marketing skills and surprisingly it is Content Marketing that helped us hit the ground running. Here’ how:

1. We have carefully identified the most common medical conditions for which the said herbs were commonly used and focused our content creation on these health conditions.
2. Our content mainly focused on common problems, preventive measures, treatments, and medicines which are directed to our client’s website with a discount offer.
3. Over time we have almost covered all the medical problems of our best sellers, which gradually improved the website traffic and naturally, sales. Our SEO and SEM efforts then paid off in terms of conversions and helped us to go aggressive with our budgeting.

In the above example, we did not go all out on our SEO or SEM right away but took our time to generate content that our target audience is looking actively for. The content we generated helped us interact with our customers and conversion was only a matter of time as long as we provided the value in the terms of discounts, mobile cash offers and referral.

Yes, Content Marketing can be effective, but it is a tough cookie to master. Here are a few things people miss about Content Marketing:

1. It took us over a year to triple the traffic while we concurrently ran all over Digital Marketing campaigns.
2. Content Marketing is a long game. While it has taken us a year, it can take even more to reap any sizable benefits. But the rewards are real, consistent and more far-fetching than any other marketing. 

So how you can Use Content Marketing to Improve Your Business?

Being a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, we have worked with a score of businesses to improve their traffic and sales with our Content Marketing Services in Hyderabad. And if we have to give you one piece of advice, we recommend you lay your Content Marketing pillar way before you have your product in your hand, or at the least as soon as you work on your Digital Marketing side of things. In a nutshell:

1. Identify the needs, requirements and pain points of your target audience and create content that addresses and helps with these relevant topics.
2. Content can be long-form articles and short blogs which can be repurposed into Social media posts, PPC ads and more.
3. Focus on providing real value to your potential audience and only when you reach relevant traffic, subtly include your products with clear cut USPs and of course value propositions and offers.

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