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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two different concepts. CRO gives more importance on improving conversions on the website that can lead to more sales. SEO focuses more on listing the page or business on search engines to gain maximum organic traffic.

Difference between SEO and CRO

  • CRO mainly stresses at increasing the conversion rates for sales. It can affect the visitors after they reach the website while SEO affects the visitors before they reach to the website, in search engine result page.
  • CRO’s cannot directly increase the search engine traffic unlike SEO for which increasing search engine traffic is the primary function.
  • SEO succeeds from off-site link building efforts while CRO succeeds from on site efforts to engage and bring in more visitors to the website.
  • Visitor feedback tools and A/B testing tools are utilised by CRO to optimise conversion rates while SEO doesn’t focus on any of these tools.
  • Executing CRO initiatives are much cheaper while SEO campaigns turn out to be on the expensive edge.

Can CRO and SEO integrate

Both CRO and SEO can work together and can complement each other as well. Let’s take a look on how these elements go well together:

  • Certain CRO factors can affect SEO elements. Suppose if the website has poor quality content, it can lower the conversion rates and may also go down in google rankings
  • If the methods adopted for SEO is poor, it can lead the traffic to other irrelevant pages. It can lower visitor engagement which is an essential part of CRO
  • Both CRO and SEO rely heavily on Web analytics data to monitor and improve the success rates

Why need both CRO and SEO to succeed?

Take a look at why you need not just do website optimization or SEO, but both CRO and SEO:

  • Optimizing your website according to the visitors need and converting them is very important. If optimization doesn’t happen, visitors may leave as they would not find what they are looking for
  • If SEO is not properly taken care of, traffic on the website would be very less. This can be a hindrance to CRO as it needs more traffic to help optimize the web conversion rate
  • If CRO is done without understanding SEO efforts, it would be a waste of time trying to optimize the website as the page may have poor usability or bad design or some other issue related to the website.
  • If an online marketer is looking for higher profits and online revenues for the long run, they should engage in both CRO and SEO.

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