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It just takes only 8 seconds for a random visitor to decide whether he wants to linger and stay on your website or ring the bell of your competitor. And even the customers who decided to stay on must be engaged and guided to hook them up and convert them.
From garnering an online presence to creating the right impression and impact with engaging presentation and functionality – your website is your most powerful weapon to market your business on the web.

Web Development Underpins Your Digital Marketing:

SEO, SEM, or any other Online Marketing Services must work for hand in glove with the web development team to deliver this experience and convert a visitor into their customer. Whether you a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad or a small and medium business looking to boost your online conversions, the sole purpose of your web development wing must be to create the right experience for the users by keeping track of the latest web development trends.

As a leading Digital Marketing and Web Development Company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions always looks ahead to identify the latest web development trends that we can jump on to create an integrated and engaging online experience for our clients.

If you are a business aiming to boost your digital marketing efforts or a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad looking for better results by tweaking your web development skills, then this blog is for you.

Here are 3 web development trends you must keep a close eye on in 2021:

Progressive Web Applications:

Unlike native apps which costs time, money and are OS-dependent, Progressive Web Apps are easily accessible and are installable on any device with access to the web browser. They are simple, load faster can provide an engaging user experience, load faster, have less maintenance and hence can easily drive better conversions than websites and native apps when it comes to new users.

While they are exactly new, mainstream businesses especially e-com is only catching up on an ad if you are in a similar line, you must check out Progressive Web Applications to drive better conversions for new users. As the leading Digital Marketing and Web Development Company in Hyderabad, we have already implemented PWAs for one of our e-com client, results? – 40% increase in mobile sessions, 17% growth in conversion rates and 10% decrease in bounce rate.

Mobile-First Development: 

Mobile-first development is where you directly base your interface taking mobile features like screen size, physical buttons into consideration instead of working on a regular desktop site.

Developing a minimalist, intuitive and functional interface the gels well with the mobile, makes you centre your website interface more in tune with mobile-first search indexing which Google is now implementing for the whole web. This can involve getting away with meaningless elements and columns and making tight use of engaging content illustrations with vivid colours &shapes, mobile-oriented call-to-action buttons for a better user experience.

As leading marketing strategy providers in Hyderabad, we recommend new businesses to hop on mobile-first development as soon as possible to reap significant benefits in the longer run.

Motion UI & AI-Powered Chatbots: 

While Progressive Web Applications and Mobile-first development help you bring more website visitors, it is important to hook them help them and guide them through for better conversions.

An aesthetically pleasing and beautiful looking website receives the attention of the users and Motion UI makes it possible. With the availability of SAAS libraries, Motion UI can easily simplify and makes the UI clearer, intuitive, engaging, interactive and appealing. While Motion UI helps capture user’s attention, integrating AI chatbots into the user interface and help them guide them through their journey.

AI-powered chatbots can instantly engage the visitors as they land on your web page and provide solutions. Using consumer behaviours analytics, natural language programing they upgrade human interactions and deliver and enhances customer experience to the users. Though AI chat-bots revolutions have already picked up, most businesses are yet to jump on them, if you are one of them we recommend you to try them out and witness their potential yourself.

So whether you a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad or a small and medium business looking to boost your online conversions or a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, make sure you keep a close eye on these web development trends. As one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions can attest to the fact that all the above updates can give a boost to your Digital Marketing efforts. If you a business that needs a plan to implement them you can contact us.

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