Today in the ever changing world, it is important for every organization to keep a track of their performance, especially in the virtual world, where the reach is high, and the intensity is greater. The Ad Words campaign is always better when it is combined with Google analytics. As the name suggests, this feature of Google, allows the users to test and check your performance over the Ad Words Tree map. With this amazing feature of Google, you no more have to wander here and there to keep a track of your performance.

In the year 2014, The Google analytics Tree maps¬†was introduced, which instantly saw demand in the market. Why? Because apart from its compatibility and user friendly interface it had several other uses, which are listed below –

The Tree map reports in Google Analytics help you to analyze each of your progress, or new step in a detailed manner. Initially when you begin using this feature, the app will also show you how to use Tree maps report in Google Analytics.

With increasing demand, lot of companies, along with the social media services are providing you an insight into this amazing tool of Google. Using the Google Analytics, you can also keep a track about your ads you can see if your advertisements are effective or not.

The top online marketing companies are able to incorporate all these uses of Google Analytics, so that they can get more and more customers. The major use of this feature that you can constantly have a check on how many new users/visitors has your website encountered either in the past one day, one week, a month or a year, based on your needs and requirements.

The digital marketing companies are using the Google analytics to check upon the cost that they are incurring to have complete optimization of the Ad Words, and thus they are checking the effectiveness of those spending through analytics. With increasing demand of this tool, Google is trying its best to come up with more and more features to make the life of the marketer easier in terms of performance measurement.

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