Google has tremendous impact on your online business with 10 Amazing Google Tools that can help you to optimize your website to niche in the Google SERPs. Google provides free tools that assist you to build and market your online business globally by increasing reach and traffic.

1.Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most applicable tool for anyone who runs an online business. It is a measuring tool that captures the traffic flow to your website and gives you the basic to complex level of traffic source data. You can analyse your website data and optimise your website according traffic flow and sources.

2.Google Webmaster:

Google Webmaster helps you to optimize as well as track your content indexation. You have the option to get your sitemap get indexed in Google so that your website content is appeared on search. Google being the most popular search engine getting nearly 80 percentage of the search traffic, it is always advisable for you to get your website indexed through Google.

3.Google Apps for Business:  

Google Apps is a free tool for small business units and a paid version to larger enterprises that is productive suite of Email, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can create content online, collaborate and link it to the appropriate site.

4.Google Places for Business:

Google Places are a unique way to boost your online business in your local market. It is applicable for your offline businesses also to reach local market by creating special listing for your business through Google Places. It is always essential for nay business either online or offline to create a Google local listing so that you can get lots of traffic and potential visitors.

5.Google Mobile

More than 80% of people are using mobiles these days for communication as well as online activities like booking and shopping. It is advisable for you to make your website and online business mobile friendly. If you don’t make your website mobile version, you might lose most of the traffic for your business.

6. Google Plus

To stay ahead of the competitors in the sphere of social media, Google Plus has also shaped up similar to Facebook business page that can easily connect you to your potential customers. Google Plus can seamlessly integrate with your other Google Accounts that works well with Gmail, photos, and hangouts. Google shows up the most prominent content that gets displayed on Google + Network. You can share your content as you share it on your other social media sites.

7.Google Hangouts

If you are looking to connect to your customers directly, Google Hangouts is the best way to connect your customers as you can embed your hangout to your website that can draw more traffic

8.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the free tool to search your initial keyword research. You will have options to select keyword combinations, popular keywords for your business with search volumes and level of competitiveness. Though Google is limiting its options, it is still the most preferred tool to arrive at the list of your potential keywords.


YouTube is altogether a separate entity, but is owned by Google also. It allows you to freely post your videos and further market them for more visibility and reach. It has the option to create videos as well as share it on your Google Plus page. You can even do you tube marketing for your videos to bring more traffic to your website. You will have option to create your own channel that you can target for your niche links.

10.Google Trends

While creating a marketing strategy, you can check if the list of specific words you arrived is fetching good amounts of searches over a period of time through Google Trends. This will give a perfect vision from the popularity of the certain subject you choose to create a long term marketing strategy.
Apart from the 10 amazing tools, Google also has wonderful services like Google Alerts, Google Calendar, Google Drive that help your business be in an organised way and get quick work done in less time.