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When a business approaches Samskriti Business Solutions to help them improve their social media game, we dedicate the first stage of the work to build a solid base while our social media marketing experts craft a customized plan for their brand.

This base-building phase includes levelling up the existing plan with a few tweaks which also involve avoiding a few mistakes and this alone brings a significant change in reach and engagement for most brands.

What surprises more often than not is that there are a few common newbie mistakes made by businesses that are often the first ones that are booted out and replaced with a slew of changes. If you are a small and medium business looking to level-up your social media game, we believe you can be easily benefited by making a 4 changes to your social media marketing. And today we present them to you here:

1. Choose the right social platform:

Often businesses fail to identify the right social media platform for their business and use some form of generalized content, creatives and strategy for all the platforms – making the whole process unproductive. Only after proper research does the right target platform can be identified – hat tip: pay close attention to your competitors in your fields.

There isn’t any disadvantage of being active on all social platforms only if you optimize your content for every one of them based on their audience. If you are posting the same content on all the platforms you are only spreading yourself thin boring them out and don’t be surprised if you lose them over time. Instead, if you are short of resources you can pick your main target audience – choose the platform/platforms and focus more on them.

2. Know what works on each social media platform:

Once you identify the right platform, focus more on the creatives and type of posts for each platform, in general:

Facebook:  Facebook is fairly liberal i.e. you can post anything and everything that works with your audience, take feedback and continue your posts that align with your goals – but refrain from posting more than twice per day – one/day works fine.

Instagram: Instagram is more of a visual medium that rewards high-quality images, short videos for your brand promotion. Content is relegated to caption, so you can make text images to reach your audience better if it is a content driven posting. You can also use stories for more conversational promotion. Quality of creatives and consistency is the key with Instagram.

YouTube: YouTube as a video search for platform works better can work for any brand since you can repurpose all those videos on all other platforms.

Twitter: Twitter is more dynamic than all the above and is as liberal as Facebook but you must make your content easily consumable with the right mix of conversational and professional communication. Product promotions, sales, updates, press releases, customer service feedback, you can basically run everything on Twitter.

3. Relevant #hashtags for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

One of the most common mistakes we see is the overindulgence in hashtags across social medium which will come off as desperate if not dilute the cause of the social media post. Here are our few tips on hashtags for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

1. Relevancy matters a lot for Facebook – according to our stats, two highly relevant hashtags are enough for better engagement from the audience. If you intend to use more during a real-time event, increase the number of posts but limit the hashtags and make them more relevant.

2. Twitter is even more real-time dependent than Facebook given there is something always trending at any point in time. So never use irrelevant hashtags given it can miscommunicate your posts – always aim for 4 or more tweets per day if you depend more on Twitter. Anything less can escape the attention of your followers, given 1 hour is an average cycle time for Twitter.

3. Instagram is a tad more liberal when it comes to hashtags – Aim for 5 to 10 highly relevant hashtags to your post, of which 2-3 are unique to your brand.

4. Integrate paid and organic social media strategies:

Social Media Marketing is tough, so after carefully accomplishing all the tasks above it is only natural to expect result out of them alone. However, there is this bad news – engagement reach and impressions for organic social medic posting on almost every social media platform are steadily decreasing. No matter how thorough your preparation and cool your creatives are, they may not reach their target audience without an external boost. So it is essential to pair your organic social media strategy with paid campaigns to help your business reach its target audience more efficiently.

If we have to distil the basics of better and efficient social media marketing for your business it would be basically – Choose the right social media platform, generate relevant content for your target audience, and make the right use of the paid promotion. However, all this is possible only after you have a solid social media marketing strategy which we will be discussing in our next blog post here.

That said, every step above requires expertise and experience to guide your ship through the rough waters. If you have got a social media team of your own we advise you to focus on the four above steps, implement them, take feedback and adjust your course accordingly. However if you are a new business you can simply leverage social media marketing to improve your reach, build your audience and score sales by seeking help from our experts at Samskriti Business Solutions. Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has helped scores of new business build their brand and grow their social media base with our social media marketing services, in the last 12 years.

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