2015 has been an exciting year, and people are now looking forward to 2016, for some latest advancement in the field of social media and SEM trends. These two fields are always evolving, with flexible changes, around the year. It depends on the marketing behavior and the consumer thought process. For succeeding in this competitive environment, you have to adapt to the flexible changes and enjoy the effective strategies.

Some upcoming changes in 2016

Listed below, are some of the impeccable social media trends, which you will come across with this New Year 2016. It helps you to stay ahead in this competitive edge:

  • Mobile optimization: The last year’s statistics show that mobile generated more traffic than laptop or desktop search. As everyone now has the capacity of use smartphone, business owners should cater to vast mobile audience for generating maximum leads and increase the conversion ROI. In case, the website is not optimized for mobile, you might be losing a lot of traffic.
  • Voice search: Digital Assistants are now becoming more popular among various mobile users, for the past couple of years, mainly for their improved functions. Through voice search mechanism, the lives of users are now becoming easier and much more convenient. People are currently using different types of search terms while typing or speaking. They are now mostly relying on long tail keywords.
  • Local SEO: At present, Google is paving importance towards local SEO packages. There are some assorted changes in which Google present search results. Most of the search engines are now offering their clients with immediate information, associated with the local business. Therefore, you should get your local business listed with Google for more traffic and profit.
  • Social posts: It is time for you to rank the blog posts and universal assets, like images, videos, and news, on result pages first. However, you can incorporate the social post in this package, and gain positive response. Most of the marketers are currently utilizing the help of social media to avail maximum visibility in various search engines.
  • App store optimization: A study states that nearly 52% of the online time was spent on mobile apps, in the previous year 2015. As people tend to use their mobile phones more than PC, therefore; the importance of mobile apps is gaining a new height with every passing day. Ensure to optimize the app store of your business panel, to enhance the visibility rate.

Other points to jot down

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you have to learn about the new on-page SEO packages, to increase your business’s profitable returns. Sell your products or services on social networking websites, where you will reach the majority of people at the same time. It is the most cost effective and functional way of advertising a new product or service.

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