After going through various updates, Google has now started rolling a recent update to paid search layout. At present, Google will phase out the right hand side gutter, or the sidebar ads. On its place, Google is likely to show 1 to 4 ads above the current fold. It forces the rest to the bottom of the result page. It seems that Google is likely to confirm the recent update retroactively. As per the recent The SEM Post, multiple forms of AdWords representatives have already confirmed this update. Moreover, they have even termed it to be “permanent and global,” but Google needs some time to announce this change.

Opt for the high volume

The general form of search terms and high volume has affected the update. Niche terms and long tail terms are likely to see the right hand ads, disappear within the upcoming weeks. Additionally, for the ads located at the top, Google is likely to add some advertisements at bottom of the SERP. This update is currently limited to some of the desktop SERP, which will affect desktop traffic. Ads, which are now appearing in the fourth or third position, might sense some decline in the present click-through rate. The layout of the current mobile ads will likely to stay unaffected for the main point of time.

More towards the changes

Removal of right aside ads makes mobile and desktop search results similar. On the mobile, Google helps in showing two or three ads at top of search results. Postscript forms an integral part of this source. Search Engine Land was tipped with this change through email from Google Advertiser, which wishes to remain anonymous. However, another postscript starts that Google told Search Engine Land that two exceptions are likely to be made to right side change. These two exceptions were termed as Knowledge panel and PLA boxes.

Time for the other postscripts

Apart from the two postscripts mentioned above, there are two other postscripts associated with this right-hand sidebar ad removal technique. After going through the email exchanges, Google is currently stating that their original statement is likely to be termed as correct options. There are two exceptions to removal ads on right side of the chosen desktop search engines. These two sections are PLA boxes and ads, relating to the knowledge panel.

Limiting the advertisement space on SERPs

As per the recent statistics, advertisers are likely to receive limited space on the current SERPs. Google has recently determined the average number of click through rate, associated with the right-hand side ads. This average click has been poor across the chosen verticals and said to be expected with CPC inflation from various major changes. This is likely to project to a profitable segment in long run.

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