The most common mistake that many ecommerce business owners make is to ignore SEO basics. Ignoring SEO basics is literally costing ecommerce business owners a small fortune in lost revenue. There are many aspects related to SEO that ecommerce sellers tend to make. These may seem trivial at times, but can make an ocean of difference in reaching the target search, making conversions and bringing in some real business.

Keyword Research and Target Audience:

It is not uncommon for online business owners to totally forget about keyword research, as they are so busy juggling between filling in new orders and the overall maintenance of the website. However, this oversight can have diminished result. For one to properly target a niche market and its traffic, you must do your keyword research well, with your target audience in mind. Your niche market and visitors will use a wide range of keywords to find what they are searching for and if you don’t take the time and effort to research for the most popular and in demand keywords for your niche, then you will be only getting traffic from accidental visitors.

Google Algorithms and Spamming:

There are some constants in the algorithm that have remained the same since its inception. Google relies heavily on a number known as “quality score”. This score is assigned to your ecommerce website based on the quality and relevance of your content and your URL. In other words, your URL needs to say something about who you are and what you sell. The same is true of your content. It needs to clearly define what you do and contain keywords relative to your industry. You could actually get the rankings to drop down instead of giving them a boost if you unnaturally stuff your meta tags, URLs, product descriptions, and other content with keywords. Hence, overuse of keywords, duplicate content, and obsolete use of manufacturer’s descriptions on your ecommerce website can do more harm than good.

Performing Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to any successful ecommerce business website and therefore it should be implemented in the right manner. For an ecommerce website to bring in the desired leads and have more conversions the SEO must be done in a proper manner and care should be taken to avoid the small common mistakes that are generally overlooked.

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