Future of SEO in Terms of Google Changes in Algorithm

Search Engine are a first source of information for the world. Brands are looking to get themselves on the first page of search engine to get good impressions on the future customers. A remarkable anecdote about an orange juice making company being up on first page. Without spending money, it ended up on top of SEO results due to being clear about profile. So SEO is all about being clear and transparent about what business does. Relevancy is the cornerstone of SEO success.

New algorithms are coming up and creating new headaches for SEO teams.

Lets take a look at the future of the SEO.

  • Detailing is the Key:

From giving links to the questions asked in the google search box, Google has changed the narrative. Now, Google has brought something called “Answer Box” to answer the general query on the page itself. Write content in a snippet method thus gaining leverage in the answer box format while leading users to visit the website.

  • Mobile: The New Game Changer:

Quite critical to deploy a mobile-responsive website to please mobile users. A Great content but not fit for mobile viewing would lead to a chaos in the SEO tactical strategies. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are the next aim of the Google mobile push. Now is the time for content publishers who move early to adapt their publishing platforms to produce AMP-ready pages.

  • Website Developers Think About HTTPS:

Google’s signals about HTTPS becoming a ranking factor will be a major point of discussion soon. Google SEO will start favoring HTTPs-enabled sites where user data is captured, for example in e-commerce sites. So making the website HTTPS is the big moot point of discussion in web developers though process.

Apart from the above 3 trends, there are multiple process like the bad links, plagiarism, stale content issues to trouble the SEO teams. There is a future discussion about the Voice search results but nothing much has been written about. SEO is the future success if the businesses are able to work and understand and tailor their SEO strategies.

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