SEO for Small Businesses: Key Web Metrics Every Business Owner Must Track

As a small business owner, you got your website all set and ready. The SEO has started to show the results and you do notice traction.

But wouldn’t you want to know how exactly your website performing? Everyone does but not everyone can and this blog is here to bridge this gap.

Today we will help you understand key website metrics that will let you know what’s working and what’s not on your website so you can make necessary optimizations (and also check if they are working).

What are website metrics?

Website metrics are measurements that track and indicate the comprehensive performance of the website. They not only indicate the good and bad of the website, a deep down into these metrics uncovers new insights about customers, their pain points and needs to help you you’re your optimizations.

Metrics are usually related to specific web activity and hence there are like a zillion of metrics for every order. So it’s important for a business owner to identify the right metrics that benefit the marketing activity.

Key website metrics every business owner must track:

The number of visitors is the total number of visitors arriving on your website through a variety of sources – organic (search), social media or any other referral links. It’s basic & self-explanatory and gives a good measure of how many people are finding you and how they are doing it. But it is limited that way and doesn’t really say how well your website is performing. Here are the website metrics that can:

Bounce rate:

Higher number of visitors only helps when the visitors are relevant and stay on a website to explore the offering. Bounce rate is the number of people that leave the page they have landed without performing any action like clicking a link or redirecting to another webpage.

This indicates that the visitor has not found what he aimed for on the webpage or had been misinformed about the webpage (Meta title & description). So bounce rate can be improved by focusing on relevant content/offering and ensuring the audience have the right information about the webpage beforehand. Not everyone finds the exact stuff they visited the webpage for, so the bounce rate is fact of life for any website. However, the bounce rate must be controlled and limited to lower levels.

“A bounce rate of 20-30% is considered ideal and common even for a well-performing website and it may tend to vary from industry to industry”, say our SEO experts at Samskriti Business Solutions.

Average page views per session:

Now let us focus on visitors who stayed on the website. Say the visitor clicked on a clink and hung around for quite a time. Now how relevant or compelling did he find the website? Average page views per session may have the answer.

A session is a group of events/interactions or actions performed by a user within a specific time frame. A visitor landing on a webpage, clicking the links, browsing other pages and finally exiting is considered a session in analytics unless there is 30-minute inactivity between these actions.

Average page views per session are the total number of pages a visitor browses within a specific session. A higher number of pages within a session indicates the relevant & compelling content on a webpage and increases the probability of said user performing the action we need. If average page views per session are low even when the bounce rate is good, then one must make the content/offering more compelling to illicit more page views.

Average session duration & time on the webpage:

Imagine a user who swiftly lands on a webpage, clicks on a click to check out 3 pages and finally leaves. This user did not bounce and set off multiple pages in his short session and then leaves – which is not the desired behaviour.

So lower bounce rate & higher page view/session may not always be an accurate indicator of website performance, but they can be when clubbed with average session duration and time on the webpage.

The average session duration of the webpage time of the session and the average time is the mean of time spent on a webpage. “A higher average session duration, higher than the average time of the webpage, lower bounce rate and higher page views per session indicates the good performance of a webpage. At Samskriti we make SEO and website optimizations to score the ideal metrics”, says our SEO experts in Hyderabad.

Top exit pages:  

Lower bounce rate, high average time on the webpage, session duration and page views/session may not guarantee a profitable action say, conversion.

Take an e-commerce website for example where the user usually follows a path before buying the product. Even if the best of metrics mentioned above may not be able to bring a conversion in case the visitors exits the page before the sale is made. This is why one needs to consider the exit pages to solve the issue.

An exit page is the last webpage the user visit before he decides to leave the website. By adequately tracking the path of the users, one can pinpoint the webpage that is causing the user to drop off the middle. At Samskriti we identify these pages and more often than not it is always the content/offering problems which we try to fix in line with the conversion.

Conversion rate:

The final goal of every business owner is to convert the visitor to persuade them to make a profitable action which can be a sale, form fill, subscription or a website form fill. The conversion rate gives the necessary information on the progress. This rate varies from product to product and industry to industry. While it is the final metric of importance it can be optimized by tweaking the metrics and then monitoring the conversion to check if we pressed the right button.

Identifying is only part of the puzzle, analysing and strategizing the right optimizations and executing them is the whole battle when it comes to digital marketing in general, SEO in specific. And this is where Samskriti Business Solutions can help.

Samskriti Business Solutions: Best SEO Services in Hyderabad

Individually, all the above metrics are simple. But they become powerful pieces of information when they are aligned to make an analysis and identify the pain point. For example, by bringing together all the above metrics we can foresee the path that is taken by the very customer before they convert and optimize this path for better conversion. Each metric can be clubbed with the other to make optimization that takes us closer to the final goal of the business owner.

As one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions specializes in accomplishing this task to improve conversions, search rankings and ultimately, revenue.

At Samskriti, leverage the best web design & development, content marketing and graphic design services to build an exceptional web experience for the users. This helps our SEO experts quickly catapult the website to the top of google organic search to improve traffic, conversions, sales and revenue. If you are a business owner looking for SEO services in Hyderabad you can contact us here:

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