SEO Checklist for New Start-up Websites 2017

If the time has arrived when you are about to launch your new website, it would be better to be sure whether the SEO tactics followed while developing your website have used the SEO Checklist for New Start-up Websites 2017. Otherwise, there could be every possibility of your efforts being ruined because of some simple mistakes. Here is a checklist which could help you in developing your website that could be responsive and rewarding.

  1. Install the Google Analytics and after viewing the source, check the robots.txt file. The next step would be adding a Facebook Pixel and thereafter setting up the Google Search Console. Follow it up by setting the country which you are targeting and a preferred domain. Get data for search control in your GA and create a sitemap xml for submission. After hitting the button named :Fetch as Google”, submit your website to Bing.This will help your website to be indexed.
  2. Update all the plugins and WordPress with their latest version if you are launching a WordPress website and follow up by creating a backup version to be sure that your installation is solid. Do not go for shiny plugins, instead, the Duplicator Plugin could be the best choice. Check on whether you are using www or other domains.
  3. Do not be miserly in investing in domain names, and set up your domain with auto renewal reminder in the case of expiry. Ensure that you get reminders on your phone or calendar well before the date of expiry of the domain.
  4. Set up a custom alert in your Google Analytics that will hope at some data points.

Checking on these SEO before launching your website will help you stay relaxed and find your website being indexed by the search engines. Talk to your web developer and after being sure that you have followed the check list, press the launch button.

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