Samskriti Business Solutions participated in the Digital Marketing Summit – 2014 organised by iDone SEO on 15th February, 2014 held at IIIT Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Samskriti Business Solutions was one of the sponsors for the event. Digital Marketing Summit – 2014 was all together an enlightening event that showcased the passion and excellence of the presenters who were professionals in the digital marketing from past a decade. Their intelligence and perceptions have quite invoked the talented and inspiring minds in digital industry to dig in more to focus the right path.

The eminent speakers were Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, Mr.Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury, Dr,Viswanath Kokkonda, Ms.Nischala Agnihotri, and Mr.Sankar Datti. Each one of them have demonstrated brilliance in the field of digital marketing with their refined strategies, dynamism and professional approach.

Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, CEO at Adathon Advertising and an exGoogler with 7 years of digital marketing experience has presented a wonderful focus length on “Lead Generation through PPC – How not to be blinded while generating leads”. He has started off with a spark in the session with his  simple concept of approaching PPC as a story telling by the way of creating an interest arousal in the mindsets of users to gain leads. He reflected his ideology and experience in the digital marketing that certain times had given him rise and fall too. Learning to stay ahead of the competition, he has excelled the strategy and logic that helps in PPC Marketing and Ad Campaign Management. He shared his approach and winning strategy to the fellow digital marketers, budding professionals and start-up entrepreneurs.

He aims to meet his primary goal of empowering the students and working professionals in Hyderabad by motivating them to attain successful careers in Digital Marketing.

Mr.Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury, VP – Marketing for Purple Talk Inc, a digital marketing professional with over 11 years of experience in the Internet marketing industry has open-minded his thoughts and gave a visual glance over SEO : 2014 and Beyond. He explained the total evolution of SEO at a glance and the forthcoming aspects in the Search Engine Optimization that are to impact the digital media. He has extensive experience in working with cross cultural and cross country teams across the world.

He has beautifully explained how the search engines have transformed from Search Engine (Word) to Knowledge Engine (Meaning) to Answer Engine (Ask a Question) mode.  He gave a focus on how the algorithms have drastically changed few mechanisms in SEO process. He gave a superior approach on how the entire mechanism helps to communicate with Google to pitch your results.

Dr.Viswanath Kokkonda, Managing Partner and Strategy & Operations, Lead, at Yagnaum Consulting, gave a different angle to focus over the thinking pattern of the user to reach the right audience. “Age related social media behavioural dynamics” was his topic where he stressed for the need of knowing the age, behaviour, and thinking pattern of the user to reflect on the dynamism of digital marketing. His major thrush was notably to impact the digital media by hitting the belief system of the user.

Mrs. Ch. Nischala Agnihotri, Content Marketer & Strategist presented insights on the topic “How to use trends in content marketing? Configure your content combination”. She clarified to the apprehensive digital marketers who were on verge of accepting the demise of SEO that the latest Google algorithm, Hummingbird has its answer as it has refined scope and respect for the quality content. She made it crystal clear to all who made illusionary visions of SEO on its way to die that Content Marketing is the way to win in Digital Marketing. She concluded her presentation with a quote “ After Analytics, Email Marketing, the most coveted digital marketing skill in 2014 is Content Marketing.”

Mr.Sankar Datti, SEO at Style Craze, has proven excellence in the field of Digital Marketing and practically involved in Core Search Engine Optimization from the past 7 years and drove millions of traffic to websites. He has given perfect strategies for all the digital marketers  to follow on how to improve the traffic flow to a website. He showcased his strategies and approaches of how he and his team at Style Craze has win step by step using various mechanisms available in the online market to bring in millions of traffic over a period of just 12 months.

iDone SEO has organized the event successfully keeping in all the spirits and dynamism of digital marketing industry to meet at point from their entire team efforts.

At the end of the session, there was an open house hour that was equally exciting and raised the spirit of the entire Digital Marketing Summit. It was a glad moment for Samskriti to be a Gold Sponsor for the event and also to showcase Samskriti Business Solutions as a successful Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad that is Google Adwords Certified Partner and Microsoft Advertising Certified Company providing online marketing services to clients across the globe.