Enriching experiences through events is an adapted fashion for Google to highlight the presence of online marketing companies and their scope of business. It is a way to explore more clients, agencies and business associates. Google has been on forefront in organizing events to bring Google Engage & Certified Partners to limelight, get more business and generate revenue. Google Engage Event is a platform organised for leaders of online marketing companies to learn, express and explore. It is a well organised program to highlight the latest trends in digital marketing and how its growth is impacting the total online marketing scenario.

Samskriti got the privilege to participate in the event and had an overwhelming experience of inheriting inputs for managing the AdWords campaign further efficiently. It was a great achievement for Samskriti to be one of the online marketing companies to be certified as Google AdWord Certified Partner and listed as Google Certified Engage Partner. As a Google Certified Engage partner, Samskriti has the benefits of availing the Higher Value Coupons to attract clients, will be a ‘Google recommended Agencies’ to potential AdWords clients and the eligibility to participate in Google Networking Events.

Google Engage for Agencies Event Hyderabad

India is the third largest country in Internet usage after China and USA. Since China is no more in the race for being banned by Google. The potential market in India is rapidly growing for about 20X in the last few years. Google is now concentrating more on India and it is a good sign for the US market to grow. The usage of online marketing techniques has immense requirement all around the globe. Britannica, the age old traditional printers for about 244 years has now shifted their trend of traditional publishing to Digital media.

Google is introducing the concept of India Get Your Business Online and it’s launched in November 2011. It is a good sign of growth and increasing the scope of business for all online marketing companies. Our Digital Marketing Head and SEO Manager who have participated in the event had a splendid time in acquiring the inputs from expert professionals about AdWords program.

Expressing their views on Event:

Shyam Prasad, Head – Digital Marketing says:

We would like to thank you Google for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this excellent and well organized event. This event provided us an opportunity to interact with other agencies and Google team to get more insights about the latest digital industry trends, AdWords programs and pitch strategies to acquire more clients.

Sankar Datti, SEO Manager says:

It was a Great opportunity to spend time with Google certified professionals & Google AdWords team to discuss the online market ahead for Indian Businesses. It felt great to know about Google’s plan to invite various offline businesses in India to the online market & help them to expand their business. I believe, we’ve got a bigger role to play over the coming years with support from Google. In the event, we were glad to get an insight on statistics about the digital marketing growth across the Globe and India for the coming years. We are looking forward for more excited opportunities ahead in the Digital Marketing arena.