Content is King and Context is Queen for any concept to run through trillions eyes and minds to read, think and act. Any business across all streamlines needs a strong base to communicate to the target market, which is only possible through rich content. Content plays a vital role in building the image of any business to the outer world through online medium channels. It has greater impact on the online business creating a path for the online sales and leads. Content has great miles to go with online marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. In Online Business, content of the website becomes the bridge between the customer and the advertiser. The relevant and authentic content of the website will bring the customer to the advertiser and generates a prospect to convert the customer to a lead.

Content plays a major role in the most demanding technique of online marketing-Search Engine Optimization. In the process of SEO, there is large amount of data and information which is optimized to improve the visibility and ranking position of the website. Content in the form of website page content, articles, titles, descriptions, meta tags, press releases and news feeds all are optimized to run successful SEO campaigns.

Search Engines purely crawls content while ranking and positioning the website in the search results. It is very important to write a crisp content to engage your target audience to admire your presence and retain the customer on the website for longer time. Highly targeted rich keywords are used in the content without interfering in the flow of the context to get the better ranking position. Changing search algorithms too have great impact on search results, so it is always essential to write a unique content which should always be SEO friendly and be able to cope with the regularly changing algorithms.

Content in every context for on-page and off-page optimization for SEO has reliable results for any website. The position of the website ranking plays around good content which is used in the website and also depends upon the updates made in the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Organic search traffic through content marketing is the new SEO.

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