Relevance vs. Authority: Which link has more value?

Link building is an important SEO technique for implementing brand campaigns that are of high quality, the need of which is growing higher and higher. Now the debate remains over which link has more value: relevance or authority?

Although both types of links are considered to be more or less important for SEO purpose, SEO heavyweights consider authority links to be more useful in order to keep ahead of your competitors. Although it is a difficult question to answer as to which supersedes the other, relevance or authority while building a link, experts suggest that it would be wise to select a link that has more relevance than authority in order to divert more traffic t your website. This is because it is the relevancy of the domain that gives the links with more relevance greater chance to divert traffic, especially when it comes to diverting the targeted audience. High authority links with low relevance may be able to divert high volume of traffic, but when it comes to conversion, it is observed that the percentage is low.

On the other hand, some SEO experts are of the opinion that high authority links with low relevance can have a better impact on on-page optimization and help search engines to understand how a web page is to be ranked. This gives more chances for the website to have visitors who are searching for relevancy of the product or services. The best solution would be to go for both relevant and authority links, keeping the ratio to more or less equal proportions, which can make a huge difference when compared with high relevant low authority and high authority low relevant links. Why not for building links from various sources and mixing them up with both high relevant low authority and high authority low relevant links?

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