Websites search visibility is the sole indicator for success. SEO used to be the greatest in any #onlinemarketing engagement and search visibility is undeniably important for all online businesses. But things are not as easy they were before.

5 Reasons Why You May Be Ignoring SEO : –

1. Content: Before it was Seo-centric approach to content, but now #Google is rewarding highly for User-centric approach to content.

If you are creating a great content, spend some time making sure it is created in line with #bestSEO practices; SEO should not be the primary goal for creating content.

Decide topic on what your readers or customers like to watch or read and create content. Don’t create content which will help your SEO.

Always be sure, initial 90% of the content creation should show your enthusiasm to create high-value content for your visitors, then at the final 10%, implement few SEO practices; this will be placed much better than the content that was driven by SEO from the beginning.

The main advantage of this approach is every day the #searchengines improve their ability to identify the content that their users love. So create content that users love and your search visibility will take care of itself.

2. User Behavior:  Driving traffic is the main aim of any #onlinebusiness. More traffic means more business. Well there are many ways directly or indirectly can effect and increase traffic directly or indirectly. Divert your resources on increasing site speed, improving sales copy and improving sites mobile user experience. They all can help in increasing conversion rates. Changing words or switching the CTA button color can also help. Don’t invest all your resources in seo and in increasing traffic.

3. Social Web:  This is the best alternative to increase traffic to your site without seo. One timely Post or Tweet or a Pin can generate great traffics. Seriously speaking #socialmedia is rivaling SEO as the major traffic source.

4. Paid-Advertising:  Running a paid campaign for few days can fetch more data about your sites traffic than months of organic traffic. But a paid search is not credited as it deserves.

Majority of marketers ignore paid advertising campaigns because of CPC cost for their primary keywords. They use all their pockets in ranking their terms organically. This is a great long-term strategy; but ignoring #PPC can deny many vital benefits.

5. Traditional PR: Traditional Press Releases will have many positives for SEO and online marketing. By using pr you can reach a wider world. Great increases in traffic, a better engagement and wider opportunities can be experienced. If your story gets picked by them, then it will be a great social signal, results increase in traffic and generates good links.

This article doesn’t end with a conclusion, that you should stop all other seo activities, but brings you the other opportunities available for your website to get visible in serp’s.

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