Top Reasons Why Podcasting Is the #1 Content Platform

With the evolution of tech and the way information is consumed, we introduce the next step of consumerism driven information- Podcasting. Content marketing has revolved upon visual, words, blogs, animation, GIF and now we have the new kid on the Block-Podcasting. Podcasting is the content platform that is being consumed by the people who seek content on the go. One of the most inexpensive form of content creation, it enriches the people with diverse range of topics tackled. I will give a breakdown on podcasting for beginners and tips for beginner’s podcasters. Best bit about podcasting is that the audiences are new and would be willing to listen to you plus there is not much competition in the market.

I would be giving some tips for the beginner podcasters who are looking to make a splash in the podcasting world with their voice content.

  • Tools to have as a beginner:

Get a decent microphone and you start your way to the top of the charts of podcasting. Get yourself a computer and can record and edit in quick time. Inexpensive but effectual in garnering attention on the web.

  • Uniqueness in its appeal:

Pick a niche topic to talk about and you have the content world to rule over. Industry experts have been going gung-ho over the podcast appeal and you see experts talking on podcast on various industry topics. Podcasting is still a new entrant and if you start early, you finish well in content.

  • Drives Traffic:

When people hear you talk about the product or your ideas, they get hooked to you. Podcasting is all about getting the first impression well as it will lead to more traffic to website, more subscribers who will be sharing their e-mail addresses.

  • New Avenues of Consumers:

Podcasting will bring to the table, a new set of audience and consumers who seek to digest data in quick time. One of the key point is that content digestion will be changing with times and podcasting is one new avenue. Consumers who seek information on the go without affecting their work. Podcasting will bring the content to a new audience and hence giving leverage to pitch your ideas and website to new people.

  • Podcasts rise in influence:

Getting connected to people is a difficult task with cold calling failing nowadays and e-mails often getting unanswered. We have seen that driving traffic to website depends upon how good are your social media skills are. Podcasts are listened while you are on the running track or commuting to office or working on a presentation. Get people hooked to podcast and you have a wider base of audience to work on.  Good content on podcast leads to the greater content consumption.

Podcasting is here to stay and change the dynamics of content marketing and it is the gamechanger.

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