Marketers try to analyze the conversion paths for all the successful conversions to a particular website through Google Analytics. They measure all the marketing efforts that have drive sales and conversions through Google Analytics and other tools. Google Analytics has unfolded the new feature of Multi Channel Funnels Measurement making measurement for ROI-focused marketing.

When an ad is clicked by user and that ultimately converts into sales, It is mostly the standard Google analytics measurement taking into considerations as the most recent link or the ad clicked. But with the latest feature of Multi Channel Funnels, marketers can have more scope for measuring the conversions like customers research, comparing and purchase decisions via multiple touch points across multiple channels. It is important to know that Multi Channel Funnels differ in attribution reporting from standard Google Analytics reports.  As measuring solely on last channel can give only an incomplete picture and miss in reaching many potential customers.

The introduction of Multi-Channel Funnels to all Google Analytics users is to make the reports more trustworthy and increase the marketer’s insights to a full range of conversion history and path over a period of 30 days and not just the last click on ad or reference.

By using Multi-Channel Funnels while analyzing, marketers can get across all the channels info through which customer has passed before landing to the target ad like clicks from paid, organic searches, affiliates, social networks and ad displays. Through this analysis, one can understand how different channels work together to drive sales and conversation.

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