Google is likely to work on the accelerated mobile pages, associated with mobile search results. The recent AMP project from Google has been launched and with some flawless services. Past October, Google talked first about AMP, which is an accessible framework. This platform is used for creating fast loading mobile pages. This is also considered to be an open source initiative, used for designing and enabling publishers for improving speed for mobile readership. This is going to be done without sacrificing the ad revenue.

Ways in which AMP works

AMP primarily comprises of three basic modules. The first one is AMP HTML. This is a subset part of HTML, comprises of customized properties, and tags with restrictions. Another one is the AMP JS, which is defined as a JS Framework for the chosen mobile pages. It helps in managing resources and asynchronous loading. However, third party JS is not likely to be permitted with the recent AMP. AMP CDN is another optional form of content delivery network. It will take AMP enabled pages, cache and make some optimizations.

Ways to AMP your website

You need to maintain minimum two version of article page: the original version and the AMP one. As AMP does not permit any things like third party JS, you will not have to lead forms or any on page comments. Moreover, you do not have to rewrite the template of the site for accommodating the restrictions. Moreover, you have to handle the multimedia section especially.

How AMP will look on Google

Google is here with a demo of the AMP feature. It will show what will be its look in SERP. You just have to navigate through the service and try it out for your use. Just click on the reading experience, as relating to SERP. This is going to be a different experience completely with simple navigation service.

Ways to get started with AMP associated with WordPress

There are some simple steps, which you must follow, while willing to start your web page with AMP services, in WP. You will come across an automatic plugin, which needs to be frequently updated.
•    For the first step, you have to install the official plugin, relating to WP package
•    For the next stop, you have to tweak and validate the services through “amphtml” tag
•    As the third step, you have to get acquainted with the scheme markup, mostly used for the validation purpose
•    Ensure to avail help of Google analytics and let them work with the chosen AMP WordPress plugin service

AMP is here to offer you with a relatively easy procedure for improving the current speed of mobile versions of any chosen web page. You can even expect Google to roll out with the new integrations soon. Even some of the well-known and top graded social networking websites are reacting to this change.

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