Websites that are designed to be mobile friendly can now be found on the search engine pages more than before, thanks to Google, giving a boost to algorithms that are mobile friendly. Web sites which are mobile friendly can now have the advantage of having an additional boost in their ranking, due to the significant changes in algorithms being made by Google.

With Google announcing the roll out of the algorithms that are mobile friendly, the effect of mobile friendly websites in the SERPs can now be noticed. It is in March that the head start was given, with the roll out taking place in May, giving a real boost to those websites that are designed to be mobile friendly, to be optimized more than ever. This is the second version of the update Google has made, with an aim to boost the ranking possibilities of mobile friendly websites.

This will result in searchers getting more results and find more pages by searching through mobiles. For those websites that are already designed to be mobile friendly, there is no need to panic, as compared to those websites that are not mobile friendly. Web site owners can run a test on the Webmaster Mobile Guide or the Mobile Friendly Test to ascertain whether their websites can be found more easily by those searching through mobiles. It can happen that a website having quality content can be skipped by the major search engines for optimization, as it is not mobile friendly, especially after this algorithm is rolled out. With increasing numbers of searchers on mobiles, this roll out has made a significant impact on web designing. SEO experts are now finding the advantage of creating mobile friendly websites to increase the rankings in search engine pages, after this roll out.

Website owners can now carry out a test on the chances of their websites being optimized, especially after the roll out of this algorithm, aimed at increasing the viability of websites that are mobile friendly for the purpose of optimization. There may be instances where even mobile friendly websites are not indexed by Google Search Engine, solely due to the reason that there are other reasons besides being mobile friendly, that need to be addressed, such as the paucity of responsive designs and WordPress themes.

What Google means to say, is that, pay attention to the factors such as quality content, the right WordPress themes, application of responsive designing and other SEO factors over and above making your website mobile friendly. A combination of all these factors could deliver the ultimate result in your website being optimized by major search engines. The changes of algorithms made by Google are for a better cause.

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