Small businesses are faced with the challenging job in link building, a  digital marketing task that could help them in reaching their marketing goals. Link building can help small businesses to get a kick start to their aim at reaching their business goals in an effective way. Building links can be the most difficult job in SEO as compared to on-page optimization and keyword research, but when it comes to getting returns, you can expect to reach higher page ranking by proper link building.

Page level and domain level links are considered to be the most important factors for page ranking according to the ranking factors of major search engines. While creating relevant keywords  and quality content can be within the hands of the marketer, link building could take some challenges to overcome in order to get expected results in digital marketing for small businesses. Here are some strategies for link building for small businesses that could help to increase organic traffic.

  1. Local Link Building – This technique includes giving testimonials, local partnerships, community engagement and local sponsorships. These are the best options for building easy and relevant links.
  2. Image Link Building – Some techniques of Image Link Building include branded graphics, logos, employee headshots, company locations and product photos.
  3. Fresh Mentions – Examples for this type of link building include company name, brand, product and CEO.
  4. Niche Directories – Niche Directories that are relevant could be ideal platforms to build links. Choose a directory that only focuses on a particular niche in order to get the best results.
  5. Link Reclamation – This can be an effective strategy, where it involves reclaiming missed or lost link equity. Reclaiming dead pages which include 404, can be great if your website has recent migrations or updates.

Other link building strategies include posting guest blogs and Digital PR. Posting guest blogs on sites that are under your niche could help increase the flow of organic traffic. A great PR can help you build an authority and is worth exploring. There are a number of tactics in link building for small businesses, but keeping to the simpler strategies could help you get expected returns in driving more organic traffic to your site.

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