Result oriented tactics in link acquisition can be a good proposition for websites having low budget for SEO. Keeping in mind the ever changing scenario in search results, you will need to follow advanced link building strategies that work. Google judges the popularity and quality of a website on the basis of the backlinks. Here are 8 advanced link building strategies 2017 that work to keep your website receive increasing numbers of visitors.

  1. Content promotion through creating Infographic – Create info graphic that targets the market and focuses on your potential customers. Think of those who want to see and hear about you before creating the infographic.
  2. Advertising in the social mediaSocial media could be the most rewarding platform to acquire back links. The best part would be to post a portion of your infographic in social media platforms like Twitter and FaceBook and compel the viewers to visit your blog to view the full one.
  3. Creating Gifographic – You can create Gifographic for promoting your website, where you will need to create a short code which can be copy pasted on other websites in order to increase their value.
  4. Content creation in long form – Going back to the post, use those keyword phrases that could make the post being ranked.
  5. Choosing the right niche – Choose a niche that is specific and make use of podcasts which can provide links that can make viewers revert back to your content.
  6. Get help from a reporter – Choose a niche that is not much in the competition and invite reporters who need you, to post reports.
  7. Guest Blogging – Guest Blogging is an excellent way to get inbound links that are organic and of high quality.
  8. Comarketing – One of the hottest ways to get inbound links is to go for co-marketing. Reach out to companies well known to you and start a co-marketing initiative that could include white paper, webinar or a blog post.

Sticking on to these tactics, luck can go your way.

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