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Targeting the right targeting audience with engaging ad creatives and launching social media campaigns is only half the work done. It’s the other half – the optimization that is key for the results.

Top SMO companies in Hyderabad revel in social media optimization post the launch and if you are considering a DIY approach for your social media marketing then you must be aware of the standard approach to achieving your results.

As a leading social media company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions follows a concrete plan for each of our clients which is tweaked based on the industry and niche. However, the basics remain the same; and in this blog, we give a brief account of optimizing social media campaigns and identify the key social media metrics that need to be tracked for optimization. Read on to know:

Optimization of Social Media Campaigns – A Three-Step Process: 

However optimization is not a straightforward task, the first step is to precisely know and understand the campaign performance. Social media metrics are the performance indices that help you understand the numbers by quantifying the performance.

These performance statistics of the campaign are then compared with the social media benchmarks in the particular industry to gauge the success or failure of the campaign. This performance analysis and benchmarking sheds light on a specific area of concern and the necessary optimization to make in the process. In short:

  1. Track the social media metrics
  2. Compare and benchmark with industry standards
  3. Make necessary optimizations to reach your target.

Key Metrics for Social Media Optimization:

Post the launch of the ad campaign, it takes about 3-4 days for the campaign to scale and produce the results. And during this period a social media marketer will need to constantly monitor and analyse the performance of the ad campaign using key metrics.

The metrics that need to be monitored and analysed depend upon the objective of the ad campaign – Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Delight. Each objective has its metrics that need to be tracked which are as follows:


 Awareness is about creating an interest to improve awareness and reach of the brand. Metrics that need to be tracked during the awareness stage include:

  1. Number of page likes & followers
  2. Impressions – No. of times message has been shown to the audience.
  3. Unique impressions – No. of unique users reached by the ad.
  4. CPM – Costs associated with these impressions.


Consideration is about persuading the customers to consider the product/service by delivering critical information. It can be described as nudging people to consider the project. The social media metrics in the consideration stage include:

  1. Number of likes/reactions, comments & shares for the posts.
  2. Engagement rate & Click-through rate (CTR).
  3. Costs associated with the engagements and clicks – CPC (Cost per Click)


Purchase is all about achieving sales with discounts, coupon codes or any other unique offers to accomplish a sale. The metrics in this stage include:

  1. Conversion rate ( Where conversion can be a product sale, app downloads, lead form fill-up)
  2. Costs associated with the conversions ( CPA – Cost per Acquisition)


Delight is the staging post the purchase where our social media team takes organically listens to feedback to further optimize the product, delivery and even messaging. The metrics in this stage usually include:

  1. Brand mentions
  2. TAT (Turn Around Time) complaints and feedback
  3. Brand sentiment ratio (positive, neutral and negative comments)
  4. Brand share of voice (as compared to competitors)

The above metrics of social media campaigns are monitored and compared with the social media benchmarks of the specific industry to compare and analyse the progress and shortcomings of the campaign. So what are social media benchmarks and common optimization strategies? We will go through them in our next blog here. Meanwhile, if you are a business that is looking for social media marketing services in Hyderabad, you can contact Samskriti Business Solutions here:

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