Marketers and SEO experts while being busy with experimenting with the latest SEO techniques like long tail keywords and keeping abreast with the updates of Google algorithms, they often overlook the fundamentals of SEO. One of these is internal linking for SEO.

Internal linking to other contents of your web pages can help you get more targeted traffic, engagements and shares. According to SEO experts, an average of 15 internal links for every 2000 words can help build a solid foundation for your website. The benefits if internal linking include easy navigation within a website, passing the link juice to the other web pages, helps in improving upon page rankings, and increases the number of views of the web pages by users. Internal links can help users find relevant content that they are looking for by being diverted by the internal links to those pages. The conversion rate of any site improves when proper anchor texts are used. When related posts are linked internally, users become engaged with the website for a long time, which helps to reduce the bounce rate. Search engine crawlers find it easier to move around the web pages having internal links and thus helps the website to be easily indexed.

Moreover, internal links increase the chances of earning back links which in turn helps the internal web pages to become stronger along with the home page. Proper anchor text helps to improve the quality of the web content and thus increases the chances of more users visiting the website. Using internal links in web pages which have dense content, and having the anchor texts more descriptive, can help your web pages reach higher ranks. Ultimately, what you need to make the internal links work better is to update and audit the internal links.

Example: Many site sections were created by publishers for increasing the search volume related to the FIFA event. While an anchor text related to the section published by The Guardian to get more traffic, similar page published by Mail Online failed to attract traffic as there was no internal linking.

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