Memory plays an important role in online SEO strategy. The website has to be very attractive to draw enough attention of the viewer and make them stay and more importantly make them come back again. Organic content is very much important for generating traffic and the images are a great to increase that traffic. With hundreds and thousands of websites it is really hard to plan a proper optimization strategy but if one is planning then using images would be a great idea. The human brain receives 90% of the information visually. And when it is images it stays longer in our memory. The assimilation of information is faster in case of images than plain text.

It has been seen that images play a very pivotal role in online communication. The websites that uses infographics for their marketing attracts 12% more traffic than their counterparts who do not use such images. Along with the social media such use of images creates a better band awareness.

Everyday millions of people are coming online to share their thoughts and various events of their lives. And image is one of the most important tools to let people know. This ease and simplicity of sharing images help in generating more traffic. This can be a great way to engage the viewers to the website.

It is a common knowledge that texts and links are things of past. People are more drawn towards images. People are prone to click on a business site that shows a image with its search results than the usual sites.

There are numerous other reasons for using images as a part of the SEO strategy but the primary reason is same – attract and bring in more people. With high speed internet connections and smart phones and tablets the potential of the visual marketing is growing and without much effort one can gain the required traffic organically.


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