How anchor text effects your google ranking

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building a link is very important. Link building is the way by which a person can obtain links from other websites and they can use it on their own. Using high-quality links will help a person in landing on the first page of the results of the search engine as these links help in informing search engines like Google that the website is offering high-quality resources. All this begins with a simple anchor text. 

What is Anchor Text?

SEO is a complex matter which consists of many small details and anchor text is one of them. Anchor text is the clickable word or phrase in a hyperlink. The word is linked to other content on the internet. The color of the anchor text is usually blue while the rest of the article is black. Anchor text is also known as link label or link title. Anchor texts typically link web pages and they can also be helpful in downloads and link to documents like PDFs or files that are in Google Drive.  

There are various types of anchor texts and they are exact match, partial match, branded, generic, and images. 

How does Anchor Text affect Google Ranking?

Search engines often determine the topic of a web page by the keywords in an anchor text. The words or phrases used in the anchor text help in determining the ranking of a particular page that it is going to receive in search engines. Google is the most famous search engine in the entire world so anchor text will affect Google’s ranking. 

Google takes the help of anchor texts to understand in a better way about the content that is linked. It also helps Google to get more cues regarding the keywords and how they should be ranked. 

How to optimize anchor text?

It is extremely important to pay attention to the anchor text distribution as it is the core concept of effective link building. Too many exact matches can be damaging to a page. One can start creating their website once they know how to handle and look into the distribution of anchor texts. 

Several tools can help with that. After having an idea of the anchor text distribution, developing a link-building strategy is what one should focus on to balance out the categories. One’s goal should be to create a link profile that is very natural looking which will prevent potential red flags from Google or any other search engine. Samskriti Business Solutions is one of the finest and the best digital marketing agencies in India. It is also one of the top SEO service companies in Hyderabad.  The company also provides website optimization services in Hyderabad and online marketing services in Hyderabad to its customers. The dynamic digital marketing experts and creative web development professionals at Samskriti Business Solutions will help in providing quality services by delivering amazing business value to their customers.

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