What is Google Showcase?

Its official, Google has put its strong foot forward in making online news experience even better with the new Google Showcase that is soon making its way into our mobile devices.

But what is Google Showcase, how does it improve news coverage and provide value for an average bowser and what’s in it for news publishers? All your questions are answered here, read on:

What is Google Showcase?

Showcase as the name suggests is the new Google product that is going to be soon embedded into Googles News, Discovery and Search. This new feature acts like window view into a particular news item giving you all the information required in a jiffy and directing you to more.

Take a current news item, for example, Donald Trump & his COVID-19 infection from Google News and what arrives is the massive unstructured list of the recent events, updates and news and everything except for the simple and brief peek into the developments. You go on to the Search and the same repeats at a larger scale. News across the world is largely unstructured and it is difficult to have either have a simple, brief snapshot of news, or even expert editorial opinion if you want to have a deeper look. Google Showcase is the easiest way out of this situation.

Google Showcase – A Unique, ‘New’s Experience

As a brand new product, Google Showcase will have story panels to simply quality news consumption. A particular story panel acts as a window into the news item with a complete array of information with bullet points, a chronology of recent events, new perspective from the editors and related articles for further deep dive. All this in one story panel dedicated to single news.

What’s the easiest way to make information, memorable? 

A story. And that is what a Google Showcase does. It converts a news item into a story for simple, deep and easy consumption of news that matters for you.

This Google Showcase is a product that is soon embedded into the Google ecosystem: Google News, Search & Discovery and you can see them everywhere to simplify your news consumption.

Got more doubts? Sure you do. Here are answers to common questions on Google Showcase:

Who creates the story panels? Who pays for them?

Story panels are created by the world’s popular newspapers and news providers handpicked by Google. In partnerships with Google, the news publications and providers make these story panels.  More than 200 leading publications across Australia, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, and U.K & Canada are already on-board and Google has announced seed investment f 1 billion dollars to kick-start the project.

What’s in it for news providers and content creators?

The main aim of every news provider is to get as many views and audience possible of their news and stories. And when you are partnering with Google to deliver news uniquely and interestingly there is no stopping the viewers. But that’s not all, Showcase gives news providers a gateway to entice the viewers with their attractive news content and get their paid subscriptions filled.

Paid content is a major revenue source for the news providers where they often fall short and Google Showcase gives an ample opportunity to rake-in the subscribers.

When is the Google Showcasing rolling into our devices?

Appearing underneath the top stories Google Showcase in first being pushed for Google News in Android. Search and Discovery is the next ones in line to be embedded with the Showcase. This new product has already been rolled out to Germany & Brazil and is set to be available for other countries in the next few months. And if there is any further information regarding the ‘Showcase’ we will strive to inform you as they arrive.

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