‘Google’, we all are familiar with as it is the leading search engine in the world and mostly because our lives have become very much dependent on it. Not only Google is being used for searching, but it has many other uses too. One instance is Google maps, a web mapping service to facilitate navigation quickly and easily. Google maps advantages are not just limited to the searching routes, but it has paved a way for local businesses to come in the light. How – let me draw your attention to a common tendency – Many a times it so happens that we are driving on a new road just following the Google maps directions and we feel an urge of nibbling on snacks or may be feel that just a cup of coffee would be good enough, but we have no clue where can we find one shop. The next instinct is to look for a ‘snack bar near my current location’ in the Google maps search bar and here it returns the list of snack bars those who have paid to flash their ads on Google maps. In this way you can discover many local shops that might not be much known but still can serve good to quench your coffee-urge.

Exciting features of Google Maps Ads:

Let us gain an insight on the features that make the Google maps ads a critical tool in enhancing local businesses’ visibility.

Novel feature added for local search ads
Local search ads are for those advertisers who use location extensions in the Adwords. These advertisements will show up on Google Maps for desktop and the Google Maps mobile application. At the point when visitors hunt on Google Maps on desktop, they will see Google Maps ads in the Local search bar and most importantly, this time with purple pins.

Digital and physical spaces brought together with the advanced pins
Google is streamlining the whole Google Maps experience with advanced pins. Organization logos will indicate their physical location on Google Maps and users can see these pins on pulling up the Google Map, while getting directions during driving. The pins will be kept simple rather than obtrusive, that might divert the driver’s attention.

Attract customers by displaying promotional offers
This feature is rather a weapon to fetch-in more customers. It works for the local businesses in a way that with advanced pins they can flash the offers and hot deals available with them at the very moment. Promotions will flash under the company’s logo and when a customer clicks on it the business page will open. Aren’t the advanced pins great?

Tailor-made business pages
With this feature, organizations can customize the information about their availability of stock and customers can, in turn, run through the inventory feed of the store.

Hence it looks like – Google Maps ads are the new face of easy and affordable marketing strategy for local businesses!

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