Understanding Google Analytics Goal Setup & Advancement

You might be making a handsome money from your organic search or from marketing campaigns, but is it not really worth to find out how much revenue you are earning from different avenues such as keywords, campaigns and referrals? You could get such an option when you set up the Google Analytics.

How to set up the Google Analytics?

Setting up the Google Analytics will help you to define the Goal Values, or in other words, the avenues from which you are earning your revenue. Here is a brief explanation on how to set up Google Analytics Goal Setup & Advancement.

Step 1 – Go to the standard reports page of Google Analytics

Step 2 – Click on the button marked “Admin” which you will find on the top of the page on the right side

Step 3 – Click on the button marked as “Goals”
Step 4 – Click on the button marked “ +Goals” from any of the existing goal sets in case you want to create a new Goal.

Now you will have the option to enter the goal value for finding the goal value for each set of goals. The metrics of the goal values will help you to find the leads, which is important in online marketing. You can use the goal values for analyzing the leads using various ways like Newsletters, Affiliate Links, Document Downloads, Free Accounts and Signups for Webinars. These data will help you to analyze the behavior of the customers and with the Google Analytics Goal Value set up, you can really concentrate on building upon your ROI. Setting goal values for page visits, visit duration, actions in  social media and comments can help you reach your marketing goals. To calculate the return on your investment, understanding Google Analytics Goal Setup & Advancement is important.

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