Everything You Need to Know About Gauging Your Competitor’s Backlink Profile

Competitive backlink analysis is one of the first steps in either developing your link-building plan or determining what it takes to surpass your competitors’ organic rankings. Although links are not the only ranking indicator, they remain among the most important ones (if not the most powerful).

Because you want to learn what has worked for them, it is natural that you will choose your competitors to analyse from those that score particularly well for your target queries. One important thing to remember is that choosing peers is usually best (sites directly in your vertical or niche). In other words, avoid massive websites that operate across multiple verticals but happen to rank higher than you (big box, Wikipedia etc.)

Finding out who your genuine rivals are should be your first step. When we ask our clients this question, they occasionally mention competing with other local businesses. Still, these rivals don’t always appear alongside companies in their immediate area in search engine results.

Instead, focus on practical strategies for sites that have recently improved ranks with the assistance of digital marketing services in Hyderabad. You can learn the most from these sources, which will do your competitive, helpful research for developing and implementing your plan. Make careful to rule out all the warning signs you wish to avoid before analysing your next two to four opponents.

Anchor text with exact match

Are you noticing a lot of backlinks that consistently use the same (or nearly the exact) anchor text? This is always a symptom of subpar and out-of-date link building that could (or may have already) caused problems for your competition.

Look for drops in organic visibility that may have occurred over the years using Semrush or your preferred SEO toolset. Quite frequently, when you see a backlink profile consisting of plainly SEO-driven links, you may also note that the site sometimes lost exposure. It needn’t be a manual punishment, as Google may already be ignoring such connections, and they now do not affect their organic exposure.

Techniques used by your rivals in content marketing

Which content appears to be effective in generating links for your competitors? What is the most related material there? Have they been successful in getting any of their content assets to go viral or be picked up by reputable websites? Is yours any better?

You don’t know what went on in the background to help them get those links, but it is usually clear when a particular piece of content performs exceptionally well at building quality backlinks. Effective solutions can be availed with the assistance of online marketing services in India.

It is typically simple to spot content that went viral and attracted hundreds of links or a resource page used by websites with a high level of authority, such as universities and government agencies.

The influencer marketing strategies of your rivals

Influencer-based procedures might occasionally be challenging to spot in the backlink profiles of your opponents. Without knowing the underlying reason for the spike, it might be challenging to link a sudden increase in backlinks to your competitor’s website.

Your competitive backlink analysis can benefit from well-organised social media research and listening in this situation. To find out who is talking about your competitors’ brands and what kind of audience is tuning in, search Twitter and Instagram for their names.

You may identify these sources of influence and compare them to your competitors’ backlink profiles with tools like Keyhole, a social media analytics platform, and Milled, a newsletter repository.

Final Overview

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