Google has introduced Enhanced PPC Campaigns to simplify  mobile campaign management and enhance mobile advertising adoption to meet the surpassing need of daily searches on Google from mobile devices in the near future. It’s quite hectic for advertisers to run multiple PPC campaigns for different locations and on different devices. To make it flexible for advertisers, Google has initiated for enhanced campaigns that will have sophisticated mobile advertising features and strategies. A recent study of multi-device consumers found that 90% move sequentially between several screens to accomplish a task. In mid 2013, approximately on June 13th, all the campaigns will be migrated to Enhanced campaigns.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will have more features in PPC campaign structure, so that it does not require running multiple campaigns for different locations and on different devices.  The main features of Enhanced Campaigns are:

Additional Bidding Preferences for Location and Device:

Presently, AdWords bidding allows bids based on the time of day, where advertiser can bid more when the store is open and bid less when the store is closed. Google intends to widen the scope for bidding options for location and device. Advertiser need not require creating separate campaigns for geo-targeted locations and mobile devices.

Extension for Creative Ads: A single campaign can have different ads for desktop and mobile devices which help Google to find the device executing the search for the correct one.The setting in ad will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

In enhanced campaigns, we will be able to use new features on four types of ad extensions: call extensions, app extensions, sitelink extensions, and offer extensions. These are called as upgraded extensions.

The concept of enhanced campaigns is to enhance the features of mobile advertising that were available earlier also but rarely utilized in the implementation process. The main force behind the invention and promotion of enhanced campaigns is to create more scalability to the Google Advertisers.

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