Tips for Creating a Good Social Media Image

Social Media is the golden goose of Digital Marketing and its impact on consumers is nothing short of brilliance. People with unfiltered and undiluted access to Internet are consuming content with a voracious appetite. Creating the perfect social media strategy hinges on the eloquent consumption of content by the consumers. Spending time on nitty gritty of social media is absolute necessity to leverage the potential of the social media. Social media influencers advocate spending about 3 to 5 times as much time crafting your image as you do your text.

Read the must do list to earn success and plaudits.

  • Consistency in the Brand Presentation

Brand awareness is the effective strategy of the company social media wing. Brand appeal needs to be uniform and consistent in its social media position. The color, font style, and overall “feel” of your images remains equal and consistent for the general public to fall in love with the brand. Brand consistency can portray a brand as more stable and established.

  • Rework the images keeping in the social media platform in handy

What you do need to do, however, is take into account size, resolution, and text differences when you’re planning on sharing an image across your social channels. Social media platforms are unique and different from each other in term of image sharing and uploading. We all know Instagram images are square, not rectangular, which can make designing for Instagram different than designing for Facebook or Twitter.

  • Text matters

Images peppered with texts are the new trendsetters in the world of social media. A perfect combination of texts and image is the right way to do that. Basic guidelines followed can lead to a great trending image:

  1. Simple: Concise text to convey the meaning.
  2. Relevant saying and quotes that makes sense for the brand overall.
  3. Image is clean and gives a space for the texts to be illustrated carefully on the image.
  • Call to action

Images are a source of creative potential yet they have the nous to establish the marketing appeal of the brand. CTA or Call to action is the overlying theme across all social media posts. All you have to do is make sure it fits with the message you’re trying to get across. CTAs is pointed enough to catch your audience’s attention, but broad enough to appeal to a wide range of users.

  • Conscious about the brand

Always double-check that there’s nothing offensive, objectionable, or otherwise unsuitable before sharing someone else’s social media post, you should be careful every time you share someone else’s photo. Online media gets viral and leads to a lot of unwanted publicity. So, it makes sense to include and share images that doesn’t lead to a more unwanted attention.

Images in Social Media can lead to a greater appeal and success of the brand. Time to unfurl creativity.

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