You might have heard a lot that digital marketers prefer to term contents, as kings. It seems that content is the major link to target maximum audience. It is even defined as the primary driver, which helps in converting the audience into probable customers. However, people have a misconception that content marketing is not related to dominating organic search, but there are more into it. It works hard to convey your message to the right audience through proper channels and tools. Market growth, currently, is quite promising and moves at 12.4% CAGR, on a yearly basis. If this speed follows, then the CAGR will reach 32.4 billion dollar within 2018.

Latest movers and trends

To speed up the service, you need to be aware of the latest trends, which will drive the content marketing trends forward, and help you to stay ahead in this game.

  • Driving both B2B and B2C markets:  Whether it is B2C market or a B2B one, content marketing plays a pivotal role in both of these sectors. There are some interesting facts from the content marketing institutions, which will help you to come close with the recent statistics.
  • Close to people: 82% of the digital marketers are now providing more value to develop content for people and not search engines. These content creation strategies are merely beyond any vague works. There are some effective content creators, who are now focusing on using keywords for better information, with effective videos and images for attracting prospects.
  • AI importance: Search algorithms are now offering more importance to long font content and semantic search. It helps in offering users with better answers to their longer search queries.
  • Automatic content creation: At present, digital marketers are now trying to use effective and new ways to create content. Therefore, they land up with content gems from various aggregated contents, sourced mainly from the collective hands of users.
  • Content creation: Most of the digital marketers are now relying on freelancers to help with their content creation. However, their strategies might receive another boost by generating content using robotic algorithm. Even though, this concept is not quite new, but the software is getting sophisticated.
  • Social media publishing sections:  With the new instant article feature from social media networking websites, users receive new publishing options for marketers. It helps in receiving more visibility and hits than ever before.
  • Higher demand: You cannot afford to miss out the point, related to visual content, as the major element of content marketing. At present, videos have become a petri dish for quality results.

Interactive content is becoming popular

Apart from the sources mentioned above, you cannot miss out the importance of interactive content. Various newer forms of technologies are now driving people towards online content. Visuals and videos are gaining upper hands, and will remain so in 2016.

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