Content Marketing Trends 2018

2018 is not so far and it is the ideal time to think about the industry trends for the next year and beyond. Bill Gates said “content is king” in 1996 and his words are still valid today. Content marketing is for better engagement, better conversations and economical when compared to other forms of marketing. Here are the four content marketing strategies which will help your business reap the maximum benefits.

Mobile: We don’t use desktops or computers as much as we used to. Ten years ago, we were reading news in actual newspapers instead of apps and kids play in grounds instead of mobile games. We want everything handy and work has to be done in a touch away. Mobile-only usage is 41 million people in US because mobiles drive high traffic on the internet than desktops. Disclosing a fact, Google announced its mobile-first algorithm in expected to get launched in early 2018 which says the mobile marketing is full steam ahead. Hence, to be in the crowd of content marketing strategy optimizing for mobile is just not a recommendation but a requirement.

Video Content: Over the years, usage of videos has grown at a phenomenal rate. Especially video ads, live videos and video resume are becoming increasingly popular. Social Media platform analysis, Facebook, in particular, said that the users spend 75% of their time in watching videos than static ones. More than half of the promoters feel that video content generates the highest rating point and comments are likely to be 10 times more massive. As said by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerburg, “I think video is a megatrend, almost as big as mobile.” So, video advertising will grow rapidly and the trend is anticipated in next years.

Artificial Intelligence: It is another trend which is going to shake up the content marketing trend in 2018. Machine Learning and AI are already on the bar to provide more sophisticated metrics for the next years. Publishers such as Associated Press are using machine generated content for increasing volume and speed in releasing information. But don’t worry, human content curators, you will have to oversee and edit the machine made content because robots are not up to the mark of producing high quality content. There are immense benefits of AI: researching, micro targeting, outcome tracking. To grow and sustain the reach, incorporate AI tools and don’t be surprised by technology transformation.

Influencer Marketing: Also called as Influence Marketing, is a form of marketing in which the target is placed on influential people instead of market on the whole. For example, any influential person from a film industry, sport-person or a blogger who is highly visible in the society uses certain product, the maker gets exposure and now it is more trustworthy. Reports say this kind of marketing generates 11 times higher visibility than traditional marketing. And the influential play a long-term run with the companies. It involved products and services marketing and similar to word-of-mouth marketing but not same. Publishers should take care in maintaining full transparency with the pain relationships and expected to create policies of disclosures and harmony.

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