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Google has finally decided to phase out the Broad Match Modifier. In a major announcement about keyword types, Google is also set to update its Phrase Match type by expanding its scope to match more keywords.

So, what exactly are the changes and how does this impact marketers? Read on to know:

Google’s 2021 Update for Keyword Match Types: 

While Google is phasing out Broad Match Modifier type keywords, it has updated the Phrase Match to improve the scope of search while giving the broader appeal of Broad Match Modifier type of keywords.

Before the update, with Phrase Match, the query must have the exact phrase to trigger the ad which is no longer needed with this Google update. So now queries with additional words in between or after will be able to trigger the ad, the order can also change unless it changes the meaning and intent of the query.

Example 1: 

Take a Phrase Match Keyword ‘Best holiday spots in Kerala’ for example:

Before the Google update: The ad will not be triggered if the search query entered by the user is ‘best holiday trekking spots in Kerala’

After the Google update: The ad will be triggered for update phrase match since the updated phrase match has to include a broad match modifier so any additional words in query will not matter.

Example 2:

If the phrase match keyword happens to be ‘PPC Advertising Companies in Hyderabad’.

Before the Google update:  The keyword type will not trigger the ad if the search query is Best Companies for PPC Advertising in Hyderabad, as the phrase in not in its exact form is present in the search queries.

After the Google update: With new update phrase match, the order and additional words doesn’t matter unless the meaning changes and all the keywords are present in the query. So the ad is triggered.

Example 3:

Let us take another example with ‘Moving Services from Hyderabad to Warangal’ as phrase match keyword.

In this case, the ad will be triggered if the search query is ‘Moving and Packing Services from Hyderabad to Warangal’ since the additional word doesn’t matter and intent has not changed. However, if the search query is Moving and Packing Services from Warangal to Hyderabad’ the intent has changed, the ad will not be triggered.

So in short, updated phrase match will now consider the order only if the meaning when it is important to the search query’s intent and meaning.

How does the Google update for Keyword match types impact SEM marketers?

The benefit of phasing out BMM does save time for PPC experts of smaller accounts and only moderately simplify the data collection process. “Saved time from reduced options can be directed towards optimization which is often a time-consuming task for smaller accounts”, says one of the PPC experts at Samskriti Business Solutions.

However, PPC experts who depend more on BBM for their traffic will have to take the hit as the traffic may reduce. Also, BBM previously provided a great way to discover new keywords and unfortunately, this capacity is reduced too.

While Google has indicated in February that migration of the keywords is not needed at that point, it has recommended creating new keywords with the updated Phrase Match post-July.

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