Mostly unaware of the hidden benefits of Google Alerts, many believe it to be just a service that can only give instant news on mark. There is more in the treasure of Google Alerts, you can use them to check the performance of your blog pages search relevancy and outreach. Google Alerts can be used to check many of the following parameters that turn out to be important factors for building traffic to your blog pages and respective landing pages.


1. Check if your blog page is indexed by Google.
2. Observe your competition in the niche area.
3. Stay tuned to the latest information in your core area.
4. Observe keenly what other comments on your blogs and know the opinions & perceptions.
5. Check if your blog is ranking in the searches for the keywords you target.
6. Keep checking your blog name, and monitoring your blog image.
7. Try to identify similar and relevant blogs and website of your core area to keep gaining knowledge and posting fresh updates.
8. Discover new and more sources of data.

Google alerts are very handy for bloggers, you just need to take time to set your alerts and make it a point to check once in a day on alerts to check out the new thing on your core areas. It is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. As simple as that Google Alerts is the most simplest and uncomplicated service which delivers you information by sending you an email about a particular keyword. It can be anything from shopping information to the latest news and events.

Why don’t you plan your core area of business list in Google Alerts for the specific target keywords?

Yes, you can drive more traffic from Google Alerts for your area of focus. You just need to know the fact that Google Alerts is not a direct traffic source. It is the indirect free traffic source and you are likely to get more traffic opportunities by using different keywords.

1. Create an alert using your competitor’s names as a keyword, and check out what kind of traffic strategies.
2. Create an alert, of the popular online marketing professionals and try to replicate their content and traffic tactics.
3. Create an alert with your core keywords you want to rank in Google.
4. You can also create alerts for your name as keyword and the type as discussion, so that you can get to know any positive or negative comments in any forums for giving and clarifying any wrong.

Get on your Google Alerts Now and Get hold of your Target Market.