Best Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics You Should Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world tremendously and a feature it has highlighted is that digital marketing is becoming the lifeline of every business. In-person meetings, organic client events, trade shows have all taken a backseat in the new world where stepping out is a threat. In light of this businesses need to find new customers using other methods and a foolproof way has been to use digital marketing.

By improving its online presence and image, a business can get more traffic on its website and create new customers accordingly. But investing in the correct kind of online resources is also very important if a business wants to blow up and get a lot of attention.

The content of a website, the URL used, the communication strategies, the separation of content according to audiences, etc are all things that need to be considered very carefully. But to help you navigate this daunting world of online content development services, listed below are the best reliable digital marketing metrics you should know about:

1. The number of visitors

Tracking the number of visitors on your website is extremely crucial as you need to know which platform most visitors are coming from. By understanding the trends associated with website traffic a business can choose and discard among those marketing techniques that are effective.

2. Monthly qualified leads

A lead refers to a person who responds to your business advertisement by taking the relevant action. Keeping track of monthly qualified leads can help you realise the impact and quality of your marketing strategies.

3. Cost per conversion

If you spend $100 advertising and get customers that get your business only worth $90 then you are suffering a huge loss. Keeping track of the cost per conversion is very important for a business to understand its revenue model and profit margin.

4. Net promoter score

This is a very simple score that asks customers how likely they are to recommend your business services to a friend or a family member. This metric measures customer satisfaction and can be a great indicator of customer loyalty.

5. Bounce rate

The bounce rate refers to the percentage of individuals who leave your website without engaging or clicking on any specific webpage. A business needs to figure out why its bounce rate is high as losing customers on your website can be disadvantageous.

6. New Sessions

When a new individual opens your website for the first time and spends time on it it is known as a new session. Each session measures the time an individual spends on your website. If this number is decreasing it is an indicator that something is going wrong.

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