Google AdWords allows advertisers to display their products on the website and of course their partner sites. It is an extremely popular tool as a direct result of the popularity of Google.

Google AdWords has been bringing about lot of changes and recently in the Google Performance Summit 2016 there have been plenty of big announcements and AdWords has been the star of the summit. Google revealed a string of changes on the AdWords platform and also that there are going to be 4 big updates –

Text ads are going to be bigger than ever!

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) will now allow you to write two headlines of up to 30 characters, instead of the current single headline and 25-character limit. You’ll also have up to 80 characters for the newly extended description block, up from two 35-character lines. The extended text is perfect for testing a variety of content and offers to your customers to see which style impacts them the most.  This could give scope to lesser ads and the ETA could be more dominant and give wider scope to keyword based search. There could be a slight increase in Cost Per Click or CPC, due to lesser ads.

Separate Device Bids for Desktops, Mobile Phones, Tablets

Previously, desktop and tablet traffic was suddenly banded together and the only way to create mobile-only campaigns was with a bidding hack. Thankfully, that’s all about to change. Now with desktop and mobile phone/ tablet bids splitting up, you’ll now be able to create separate campaigns for each device type. This opens up a huge amount of freedom for creating mobile-only campaigns, as well as desktop and mobile phone/tablet. With this change, you can anchor your base keyword bid to the device most valuable to your business and then set bid adjustments for each of the other devices. This is a much-needed step in making ads feel less intrusive.

Desktop Search Layout Changes Dramatically –Better Conversions

Google ads on desktop now display four text ads above organic listings and three ads will appear at the bottom of the page after the organic and local listings. The changes could emphasize more intensive commercial searches. These queries also contain the highest value keywords making those top four spots extremely important for conversions. It has been noticed in the testing stage that the CTR or Click Through Rates went up by 25 percent.

Promoted Pins on Google Maps

Advertising of local businesses takes over Google Maps. Brand logos of stores in the location you are searching will appear in Google Maps and in-store promotions will be displayed to further bridge the gap between local search and offline sales. The brand logos are called “promoted pins,” of companies that paid to appear on the map. This could boost business to a large extent.

Google AdWords is an economical and extremely effective way of producing good results and high amounts of leads. These updates are all set to widely effect PPC campaigns and bring about the much needed boost to promote businesses online.

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