An image can speak a thousand words and can add to the beauty of any media campaign. Social Media is the backbone of the digital marketing tactics in any part of the world. Trends are emerging and disappearing at a breath-taking speed. Acquainting oneself with the Social Media images is critical to swamping the target audience with ease while generating leads and converting traffic. Taking a walk through the way of social media world with important ways to make social media images rock.

  • Colour:

Visual medium is primarily based upon the successful implementation of colour. It helps set the tone for conversation while leading the users to interact with the essence of the message. Eye catching colours reflect the brand quirkiness and its fun aspect. Colours if used properly in tandem with the brand appeal can rejuvenate the brand social media appeal.

  • Different Image for Different Social Media Platforms:

Every social media has different user and target audiences. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest can’t have same images. Instagram image are far likely to have attraction where it has quote infixed with image while Pinterest works better with aesthetic and pleasant looking images. See the user audience and keep the image fresh for each visitor.

  • Originality:

Being original is the best trend across different spectrums. Incorporate original visual content that’s tailored to your audience and is a beacon of the brand appeal. Be creative and imbibe the brand’s appeal in the images while maintaining a consistency in the designs.

  • Experiment:

Legendary pop artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Raucshenberg experimented with colours to bring a spark to the designs. Use emotive colour palettes to add uniqueness while Experiment with unique photo filters, palettes and colour schemes. Be creative and astonish your audience with new and varied approach to colour filled designs.

  • Dazzling Shots:

Images featuring dynamic and exciting captions are great in transforming the brand. Users associate the image with the brand and the action shots can reflect the brand appeal more. An energy drink brand featuring the motion and spilling of the liquid reflects the dynamism and excitement.

  • Get Personal:

Get behind the action scenes like the making of the product or the efforts done by the product team. Highlight the efforts and make it more humane connection with the emotive appeal.

  • Consistency is Key to Perfection:

Repetition is an important part of the process because it helps to establish and strengthen different elements. It is the concept and step behind what we call consistent branding. Three things to always try and be consistent with in your designs are fonts, colours, and logos. People associate these with the brands and consistency lends authentic focus.

  • Spacing:

Minimalistic designs endear themselves when used properly. Space can help bring a certain aesthetic quality to your image while also highlighting the most important elements.

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