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First, let us all agree that SEO is a grunt work. Though the strategy plays a significant role; the execution is repetitive, intensive, and takes time and effort. On top of this, an SEO executive needs practical help with content, which could slow down the process if an SEO executive is not adept at content writing and ten other peripheral tasks.

Today’s LLMs and AI can help solve this problem. Fortunately, they can do a lot more from a strategy and execution point of view.

“AI tools are great for SEO executives who are starting out right now. They help you do your tasks, come up with strategies, and speed up the work, make everything go faster. Particularly, Google Bard can be a game changer for SEO when harnessed”, says one of our SEO executives at Samskriti Business Solutions.
With his input, we explore five key areas of SEO where Google Bard can prove to be a powerful ally for an SEO executive:

1. Write Compelling and Result-Oriented Meta Titles and Descriptions:

While Google downplays the significance of Meta keywords, compelling Meta titles & descriptions remain vital for boosting webpage click-through rates on SERP. However, writing a standout title and description with the right keywords to bring results is not a simple task. But with Google Bard, it can be one.

Just ask Google Bard to write a Meta title and description for a specific keyword with necessary character limits, and it accomplishes the rest. Here’s the prompt:

“Write a concise and captivating Meta title and description for [INSERT WEBPAGE URL] optimized for the keyword [“Insert Keyword”] with the goal of enhancing the webpage’s Google SERP for this keyword. The Meta title should not exceed 60 characters, and the description must not exceed 160 characters.”

2. Analyze Header Tags and Ask for Recommendations:

If you are starting and would like to review the header tag strategy of the webpage for a specific keyword, you can ask Google Bard to have a look and analyze.

With a straightforward prompt, Bard analyses the header tags of the specific webpage for the given keyword for you to save time and unveil new opportunities with Bard’s recommendations. Here is the prompt:

“Perform an in-depth header tag analysis of [INSERT WEBPAGE URL] for the keyword [“KEYWORD”] with a goal of enhancing the page’s rank on SERP.”

3. Strategize & Improve On-page Optimization with Bard’s Recommendations:

Why stop at header tag analysis when you can perform a thorough on-page analysis of your webpage for a specific keyword? On-page optimization can be challenging and comprehensive for any SEO executive. It involves covering many bases, which becomes smooth and seamless with Bard’s help. Here’s:

“Analyze and” examine the on-page optimization of [WEBPAGE URL] for the keyword [“KEYWORD”].The goal is to improve the web page’s webpages SERP. Provide necessary recommendations that can help achieve the goal.”

4. Make Schema Mark-up Effortless with Google Bard:

Schema mark-up enhances the visibility of the content and attracts clicks by making it stand out through rich snippets, providing a competitive edge. However, Schema Mark-up is challenging owing to its technical complexity and implementations. It requires a good understanding of coding, specific schema types and integrating them seamlessly into a website’s arrival of Google Bard.

Today, Google Bard lends a superpower to SEO executives. “While there are templates available for Schema Mark-up, Google Bard generates customized schema mark-up with remarkable precision for the specific webpage” , says one of the SEO executives at Samskriti Business Solutions.

Here is the prompt that can help you witness the power of Google Bard in its full glory: “Generate schema mark-up for: [INSERT URL].”

5. Perform Competitor Analysis to Identify New Opportunities:

Google Bard doesn’t beat the bush with its usefulness. Besides assisting with on-page and technical SEO, it can offer high-level strategic help by analyzing your competitors.

With Bard, now you can identify your competitors for the keywords you want to rank for. Though you may already know your competition, it is easy to overlook and miss necessary information. You can identify and verify your competition right now, with the prompt: “Find the top SEO competitors for my website {Website URL} in the “KEYWORD or “NICHE NAME” niche.”

Once you ‘identify your competitors, you can conduct a full-blown analysis of their content to identify blind spots and weaknesses and find new opportunities.

Just use the prompt and check it out for yourself: ‘Evaluate and analyze my competitors’ content in the “KEYWORD OR NICHE NAME” niche. Give me insights on their content structures, keyword usage, and identify the content gaps, and provide me possible opportunities.”

Google Bard is A Powerhouse for SEO:

In addition to the previous five capabilities, Google Bard can offer essential technical guidance for SEO. However, it’s important to remember that Bard is not a magic solution for SEO. It can only assist in discovering new opportunities and insights that are often overlooked.

Through its automation, Bard can streamline and expedite the more repetitive aspects of SEO. It becomes a remarkable tool when wielded by an experienced SEO expert who can harness its full potential. However, with the assistance of Google Bard, SEO executives can now sharpen their abilities and accelerate their strategies to provide better results in shorter times. When combined with other essential SEO tools, an SEO expert can help a business outrank their competition in SERPs and deliver excellent results in a shorter period.

In short, AI tools today are like high-powered Ferraris, providing convenience and speed over nimble rides. However, you still need to know how to drive and have the right direction to benefit from the speed and capabilities of a Ferrari fully. It takes a vision, leadership, and expertise that only the best SEO experts in Hyderabad can provide.

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