5 Crucial Twitter Metrics You Should Track to Grow Your Business

Twitter Metrics are the measures that evaluate your performance on Twitter, including the total count of impressions, likes, views, retweets and many more. Twitter Metrics are effective to access public and private engagement for your tweets or other content.

Samskriti Business Solutions, a premium Twitter marketing company in Hyderabad, recommends 5 Crucial Twitter Metrics to track in order to grow your business.

1. Impressions:

This twitter metric indicates the number of times a follower has viewed your tweet during a reporting period. For instance, if your impression of one tweet is 100, it means that your tweet was viewed 100 times. However, impressions cannot count the number of views that come from the third party websites and hence, exclude the actual number of real viewers.

2. Engagement Rate:

This metric refers to the percentage of followers who view your content and engage with it. With the help of Engagement Rate, you get a brief idea on how your followers connect with your tweets. To calculate the Engagement Rate of your Twitter account, the total number of engagements is divided by the total number of posts (the number of interactions) and then multiplied by 100.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the engagement rate on Twitter represents the performance of your content rather than just counting likes, comments and shares. However, Engagement Rate for Twitter tends to be lower than for Facebook or Instagram. Generally, an Engagement Rate between 0.09% and 0.33% is considered to be sufficient, whereas an Average Engagement Rate should be somewhere between 0.03% and 0.09%.

To find strategies to increase your Engagement Rate, you can contact Twitter marketing services in Hyderabad and learn helpful measures to build successful brand campaigns.

3. Demographics:

This form of analytics helps in providing a full insight into the growth of your followers and assess data of your audience such as Interest, Gender, Location and Language. Demographics generate information from different activities on your account and give a clear picture of your overall performance.

4. Twitter Ads:

This form of metric helps the advertisers to strategize business by promoting content in order to reach their target audience. Twitter Ads are used to create ads from different ad formats to manage sales and increase followers. For example, when you run a paid campaign, you can reach a specific audience by circulating promoted tweets. These tweets contain ads that appear on timeline that help you to gain more followers and increase Twitter engagement in your campaign.

Following are the different types of Twitter Ad formats.

  • Single Image Ads
  • Text-only Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Conversational Ads

5. Analytical Tools:

The use of Analytical tools can be effective in terms of measuring your account’s ROI and boost your marketing strategies. Analytical Tools like- Brand-watch Consumer Research, Buffer, Hoot-suite, Twitonomy, Union Metrics tools can be helpful to analyze the data of your content to know your followers.

Twitter has evolved into a powerful platform to engage with highly influential and specialised individuals, and hence, it has become important for users to upgrade certain metrics and tools that help in tracking activities in order to ensure marketing campaigns.

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