PPC Advertising Problems and Ways to Fix Them

PPC advertising is the most common and powerful type of online advertising that is leveraged by digital marketers. By helping you reach the right audience, it brings in higher conversions leading to greater revenue and ROI.

PPC advertising delivers immediate results, is highly rewarding and easier to scale. However, the path that leads to all these results is filled with a lot of pitfalls, traps and challenges.

PPC Advertising – A Challenges Galore:

PPC advertising is a general umbrella term for paid marketing models employed by different platforms (there are many). Google Ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads. Quora and LinkedIn Ads, Promoted pins etc. each of these ads has its flavour of PPC strategy.

These platforms have their targeting and placement options, strategies and best practices which depend on the goal of the business. They offer multitude of options, features, and choices which will take massive time, research, and effort.

The learning curve of these ad platforms is steep and it takes a lot of time for a beginner to acclimatize and find the right PPC marketing strategies for their business. But this happens only after overcoming quite a few challenges that come along the way.

5 Common PPC Advertising Problems & Ways to Fix Them: 

As a leading PPC agency in Hyderabad, we consult with businesses that aim to optimize their pay per click campaigns. More often than not there are 5 common PPC advertising challenges every business encounter once in a while in their PPC journey. To make it easy for beginner digital marketers we have listed these 5 common PPC challenges and ways to fix them here:

1. Lower impression share:

Insufficient budget, bid or lower ad rank are three common reasons for lower impressions. Revisit your ad rank and if that doesn’t seem to be the issue, it is imperative to adjust the bids and budget.

Adding keywords or changing keyword type to a broad match can also boost the impressions by accessing a new set of audiences. Marketers can also try geo-targeting, time-targeting and device-bidding to further increase their impression share.

2. Lower CTR (Click through Rate):

CTR is the key metric for any ad campaign a lead generation goal and a lower CTR is often caused by the following:

  1. Lower impression share: Your ads are not reaching a sufficient audience.
  2. Irrelevant audience: If the impression share is adequate, then lower CTR is the result of your ad reaching an irrelevant audience.
  3. Bland Ad Copy: Lower CTR with adequate impressions and the relevant audience is a result of uninspiring ad copy that is failing to persuade users to click on your ad.

So pick the right audience and segment the keywords perfectly to improve the relevance of your ad. Optimize the ad copy with strong CTA and take measures to improve your ad rank for better impression share.

3. Lower ad rank despite ticking all the right boxes:

Lower ad rank reduces your impressions and costs you more money than needed. If you are still encountering ad rank issues even after adopting all best practices then consider reducing your keywords in the ad group and sprucing up the account structure. Yes, more keywords may sabotage your ad rank by reducing the relevance of your ads.

More keywords don’t necessarily translate to more impressions or clicks. A higher number of keywords without the right organization can reduce the overall performance of your campaign. Keywords must be perfectly segmented based on the user intent and stage in their buying journey. Having a clearly defined account structure with the right segmentation improves the relevance and thus the ad rank.

4. Competition targeting your brand keyword: 

New players often target brand keywords of their nearby competitors and this could result in loss of traffic and leads. In case there are only a few bids one can choose to increase the bids to capture the audience. If that is not possible, one can choose to reach out to Google and obsidian the competition by using your trademark keyword.

5. Lower conversion rates:

If you are falling short of conversion rate goals even after scoring adequate impressions and CTR, then it is almost always the landing page that is causing the problems.

This could be the content that doesn’t provide relevant information or a compelling offer in-line with the user‘s expectations. It also could be a poor landing page experience and a mismatch of ad copy and landing page content. Optimizing each of these aspects can potentially rise conversion rates.

We are only scratching the surface with the above problems. Each problem will branch out into many sub-problems that consume too much time, effort and money without expert help. It is not common for a business to rue their sub-par PPC campaigns that fail to bring results even after spending exorbitantly high amounts of money. As a leading PPC agency in Hyderabad, we are often consulted by the business for PPC services. And we quickly resolve these issues to generate quick and consistent results in a short period. If you are a business looking for PPC services in Hyderabad, you can contact Samskriti Business Solutions here: https://www.samskritisolutions.com/

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