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Link building is the simplest way to enhance search engine rankings. However, because it is simple & straightforward, most SEOs need help to generate enough quality links to make a significant impact.

But not us. As the leading SEO services company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Solutions specializes in high-impact link-building techniques. Our consistently powerful link-building strategies have helped us rank our clients at the top of Google’s SERP in a record-short time. You can check out our case studies here. However, today is not about us. It’s about helping SEOs improve their link-building efforts by sharing valuable insights and SEO strategies.

In this blog we provide you with five tried-and-tested (by us) and proven (by our results) SEO link-building tips that most people overlook. To begin, we’ll start with the basic necessity of link building and then quickly dive into the information that SEOs can use. Read on:

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of creating digital connections. Google views each connection as a vote of confidence or approval. The more votes a website receives, the higher it ranks, resulting in more traffic. These votes are links that direct a user to your website; backlinks in SEO terminology because they endorse and bring visitors back to your website.

However, not all votes carry the same weight. For instance, an endorsement from a well-known authority holds more significance, and a recommendation from a highly reputable website has more influence. So, a backlink is valued based on the authority website it arrives from. A backlink from a website with higher authority is a high-value backlink which has more weightage.

Why do most link-building efforts fail to make a mark?

A typical ranking website has high, medium, and low-quality links. Higher-quality links carry more weight and contribute more significantly to better rankings. Most link-building strategies focus on low-quality links (because they are easy) and forgo high-quality backlinks (lack of technique).

So, how do you build a strong portfolio of high-quality SEO links? Let’s find out:

5 advanced SEO link building Strategies to build high-quality backlinks to your website:

1. Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the most effective form of scoring high-value backlinks and the most challenging. It is not straightforward as finding a website and posting a quality article.

One must carefully plan out the entire process to accomplish a valuable link. The best practices of guest blogging best practices take a whole blog by itself, so we’ll quickly list some tips concerning the process.

a) Finding the right website/blog:

Besides referring to a standard list of websites in the niche, one can search for terms like “industry niche + ‘guest blog’/’ guest post’.”

For example, if we are looking for guest post opportunities in the multivitamin industry, we use search operators like “inurl:submission-guidelines + multivitamin” or “inurl:write-for-us + natural multivitamins” to find new guest blogging opportunities. You can also go in reverse by finding the backlinks of top guest bloggers in the niche. At Samskriti, we also use social listening tools & content research tools to delve deeper into our requirements and sharpen our focus. These tools help us pick the right websites in our niche with our target audience.

b) Content creation:

Once you zero in on the platform, craft content with the target audience in mind. Original, relevant, and structured content with visual aids and citations is the standard guest blogging content.

2. Resource Page Link Building:

Resource page link building works by providing valuable content to the industry or niche resource pages. You can identify the high authority sites with resource pages, craft the content that further enriches the website content, and score a backlink with a humble outreach. You can also use search strings or other SEO tools to identify the right resources page for your niche.

3. Broken-link Building:

Broken backlink building is another proven yet often overlooked SEO link-building technique where you find and replace broken and dead links on the target website with a link that directs to your content.

How do you make website owners accept the replacement? Answer: By providing genuinely valuable content in the context of their webpage. Every broken-link building consists of two aspects:

a) Finding the broken link:

You can use search operators to find the relevant pages in your niche. For example, we usually look at our resource pages because they have many links. We check the links, identify a broken link, craft quality content, and request the backlink.

You can also check the websites that are still pointing the broken link and request them. Even better, you can use tools to site audit your competitors’ websites to identify their broken links and replace these broken links with your link for a better competitive edge.

b) Creating the right content for value:

Broken back linking can only work when you provide the correct value to the webpage owner so you will need help from your content marketing services’ team for content creation. You may need to enhance the original content in the broken link to provide them more value and get your backlink live.

4. Skyscraper, Reverse Image Search, and Harvesting Brand Mentions:

Skyscraper technique is where you find popular content in your niche, enhance/update it to make it more comprehensive, and r it out to the original site for a backlink. The link needs to be fixed in this case.

There is a high chance that other websites used your images without proper attributions. The reverse image search technique lets you contact them for link attribution. You can also revive your links by contacting sites that mention our brand for reference. We use brand mention tools like Mention or Google Alerts to signal us the unattributed mentions.

5. Spotlighting Techniques:

This is also a simple yet underrated SEO link-building technique where you score backlinks by casting a spotlight on popular influencers, experts, or personalities in the niche.

You need to find a way to bring famous personalities to your platform to make this happen. You can interview industry experts, collaborate with influencers in your niche, partner with other brands or websites to create co-authored content and curate and publish opinions from industry leaders or experts. The aim must always be to provide genuine value to your audience and secure backlinks by encouraging your partners to share the content with links.

In addition to the above, we use high-quality directory and forum submissions, local SEO citations, case studies, content repurposing, and more to build our backlink blank. It is possible that more than every niche or client can draw power from all the above mentioned techniques, so it is always advisable to have as many techniques as possible to build your bank.

But quality content is the backbone for almost all effective link-building techniques, even more so for SEO. Having a full-fledged content team is one reason our link-building has been top-notch for years. If you are looking for a helping hand for the SEO team or looking to invest in dedicated SEO link-building services to power your SEO and digital marketing efforts further, you can contact Samskrit Business Solutions.

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