4 Tips to Get More Conversions with YouTube Video Campaigns

Explainers, product demonstrations, testimonials, company culture videos, mini-docs, and more, – businesses today are using different types of videos to build and engage their audience and promote their products and services.

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC campaigns, and more – video marketing is slowly becoming the sharpest tools in the toolbox of digital promotion. Fortunately, businesses are quick to identify the benefits of video marketing and are quickly leveraging YouTube video campaigns to capture buyers in every stage of the consumer funnel.

“However, not every business finds success in scaling YouTube Video Campaigns and converting more customers without spending a bomb”, says one of our PPC specialists at Samskriti Business Solutions.  If you are one of them this blog is for you.

YouTube Video Campaigns: Choosing the right artillery is the key:

What Google is to search engine marketing, YouTube is to video marketing and advertising. With 2 billion monthly users who clock-in more than 5 billion video views a day, YouTube offers an unprecedented advantage of getting your brand in front of a huge sea of potential customers.

Compared to other platforms, Google offers the most cost-effective way to reach your audience with advanced targeting options and versatile video ad formats. But the advanced part here has also become its Achilles heel since businesses fall short of scoring higher conversions than their budget deserves. If your conversion rates are tanking and you are looking for improvement, then this blog can help you.

As one of the leading PPC agencies in Hyderabad, we have encountered and solved a wide variety of performance issues in PPC and video advertising. And tanking conversion rates are the most common and rampant among them. So check out if these tips can help you:

4 Tips to Get More Conversions with YouTube Video Campaigns:

1. Pick the right video format:

Skippable, Non-Skippable, Discovery, True View, Bumper & Masthead – each type of video ad format has its niche with pros and cons. For example, instream ads which are ads placed inside existing video content are again classified into pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll based on where they are usually placed.

While pre-roll is better for maximizing impressions, post-roll serves better for leads and mid-roll sits somewhere between the two but is not preferred for their intrusive nature. Likewise, each video format has its quirks, we suggest you go through their pros and cons before choosing the right format.

2. Keep the videos short:

Keeping the videos short is one quick trick that has worked well for us irrespective of the format.  In these days of Tiktok and YouTube shorts, attention spans are less, patience even lesser. So we usually limit the in-stream video ads to 15 seconds or less. This also gives us more options to test, play around and choose the right video.

3. Select the right keywords:

Most of the time keywords are usually ignored in YouTube ads and this could cut down the performance of your ad. Given YouTube is top the funnel medium, discovery works best on this platform and hence choosing the right keywords can boost your performance. But instead of relying on a keyword planner for Google Ads, use YouTube Keyword planer tools with fresh keyword ideas with a focus on shorter keyword phrases and border keywords.

4. Create effective ads:

Shorter ads do help, but still it is only a minor aspect of your existing ad. Relevant content presented engagingly is the common guiding principle. But they are two things that can quickly enhance the effectiveness of your ads:

1. Thumbnail:

A captivating thumbnail can do wonders to your ad provided it is relevant.

2. Destination Page:

Choosing the right destination can improve conversions by directing users to more captivating and relevant content. For example, we direct the users to the channel page instead of the watch page for improved conversion.

The above four are the simple thumb roles that most businesses miss while planning their YouTube ad campaigns. If you have already adopted the above practices but are still falling short of your goals, you need expert guidance then we suggest you consult an expert PPC agency in Hyderabad specialising in YouTube Ads, like us at Samskriti Business Solutions.

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