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It’s 2021 and there are umpteen businesses that are yet to tap the power of social media marketing to grow their business. As a leading social media marketing company in Hyderabad that has helped many businesses grow their brand from the ground-up, we can attest to the fact that this happens more often for new businesses, primarily due to one of the below two reasons:

1. A business gets on social media, expects rapid results straight away, but are left disappointed and shift their focus from social media.

2. A business hits off well initially, but gets stuck in old methods, do not reap any results and move-on.

More often than not both the above cases happen when a business lacks a solid social media marketing strategy to achieve its goals. You may generate engaging content with cool creatives and promote them on all the social media platforms but you will surely still fall short of your goals, without a social media marketing strategy.

If you are a small and medium business that belongs to the above category but are looking to improve your social media game then we have already made a basic guide on changes you can make, here. If you are still falling short of reaching your goals, then you must revaluate your social media strategy but the first step is to know what in the first place a social media strategy is, and this might be your lucky day.

In this blog here, we help you understand the key elements of social media strategy for new businesses read on:

A social media strategy is the basic plan that guides your social media marketing in the right direction to your goal which for a new business is to build an identity, make your brand likable to your prospective customers and forge a connection with your audience.

If you are a new business looking to accomplish the above goals, we urge you to focus on four basic elements of a social media strategy:

1. Understand your target sector of the audience:

There is no point raking-in so many followers who are not your prospective customers – identifying your target audience is the first step of social media strategy as it dictates everything from the right channels to target, your social media content, its tone, visuals, and whatnot.

Finding the targeted set of the audience makes it easy to connect with them by tailoring your content that directly address their requirements and problems through brand messaging, which is our next key element in social media marketing strategy.

2. Brand Messaging:

While the first step is finding your potential customers to whom your services appeal, the second step is to build a specific messaging framework that guides all your communication and marketing efforts to your audience across all channels.

The brand messaging framework encapsulates your brand’s underlying value proposition and also the language (tone, style) used in the messaging framework that aligns with your target audience. It is essential to create a consistent customer experience while perfectly projecting yourself to the audience as you want to be projected.

To perfect your brand messaging you must look at your brand from internal, external and competitive angles to prepare the following statements:

Brand Promise – What your customers can expect from your brand. 
Brand Positioning Statement – What you do to whom, how your product/service fills the need of your market and what differentiates you from others.
Mission Statement – Your goals and how you wish to accomplish them.
Tone of voice – Identify the tone of voice that aligns with your target audience – formal or casual/playful.
Elevator Pitch – Describes your business accurately and succinctly in 20-30 seconds
Brand Pillars – Identify not more than three selling points of your product/service that provides unique value to your customers and sets you apart.
Headline Benefits and Supporting Examples – Headline benefits of each brand pillar with examples – – help you reinforce these ideas into your content for your audience.

Crafting the above statement gives you clarity over your band messaging in social media marketing. You don’t have to write to them, you can work with a social media marketing company in Hyderabad that helps you articulate and communicate your ideas, and craft a brand messaging framework for you.

3. Brand Aesthetics:

Brand aesthetics is all about bringing the above brand messaging into the visual realm to create a clear consistent theme, look and feel to help your audience differentiate and recognize your brand instantly. Brand aesthetics can encapsulate logo – size & placement, typefaces, font styles, image guidelines, colour palette and more. A social media marketing company with the right set of visual artists and graphic designers can perfectly get this job done with the inputs of the business owner.

4. Brand Tone & Voice:

While brand aesthetics is brand messaging in a visual medium, brand tone and voice is about translating your messaging with the right use of language and vocabulary. With brand messaging as your guiding light your social media marketing team must develop a consistent tone and voice that aligns with our target audience and their beliefs to create the right experience when they come across your brand on social media.

Targeting the right set of audiences, crafting a brand messaging framework, developing your brand aesthetics and executing everything with the right tone and voice are the key aspects of social media marketing strategy. If you are a new business you must be aware of these critical aspects before you start your social media marketing if you aim to convert your budding business into a successful brand and trigger online sales. Being one of the best social media marketing companies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has been helping new businesses with their social media marketing for more than a decade now. Our experienced social media marketers are experts in crafting and executing a perfect social media marketing strategy to build your brand from the ground-up. If you are a new business looking for social media marketing services in Hyderabad.

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