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A month into 2021, the majority of businesses that were forced into survival mode in the last 6 months are back now on to track and so is the market. E-mail marketing, content marketing, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, no matter what branch you focus is on, the next 3 months are the probably most valuable time to push the accelerator to go past your competitors.

But the question is are you ready with your tool stack to get going? Because as a digital marketing executive you are only good at the tools you use to get the job done.

Yes? You are set and godspeed. No? Don’t worry, we got your back.

As one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions takes pride in the fact that we stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing that give our clients an extra edge over competitors. We always stay updated about the latest digital marketing tools that can help accomplish our work task effectively and hence we identify and test out the latest tools as they arrive.

If you are looking for help with tools, here are the three digital marketing tools that deserve your attention in 2021:

Sitebulb is a website auditor which in simple words, helps you understand what is happening in your website from an SEO point of view and presents it to you in a simplified and appealing manner. It crawls any website, identifies issues plaguing the website, gives recommendations with clear explanation and more importantly, communicates all the above in rich data sets and spreadsheets for your clients. If you are an SEO executive looking for a simple and effective website auditing tool, you can give Sitebulb a try.

Drumup is an intelligent content marketing, social media marketing app that delivers great value to improve your online presence with its handy features. It helps you discover the most interesting, engaging and trending stories around the globe, based on the interests of your audience – this helped us brainstorm our ideas for content marketing. On top of this Drumup also doubles-up as a social media marketing app that recommends hashtags, adds custom gifs, images, creative and schedules your social media posts for multiple accounts.

One simple step that can help you reap massive benefits in terms of conversions is the addition of a live chat option for mobile and web.
Userlike is one simple platform for all your customer connections that simplifies the entire customer service with their intelligent and integrated live chat features. From identifying the relevant and right support representative for a particular query to transitioning and making a customer profile to integrating with CRM, Userlike builds and nurtures customer relationships to improve their experience.

While SEO, Content Marketing is to engage, attract and bring the users to your website, and Contextual Marketing with Live chat is what helps guide the users in their shopping journey. Focus on these three areas can help you level-up your digital marketing efforts and we advise you to look-up the above three tools to make it possible. If you are looking for more tolls or in-depth information on other tools we use at our Digital Marketing Company or in need of Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad, you can contact Samskriti Business Solutions

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