Facebook & Twitter marketing services in Hyderabad

Not all social media platforms are the same when it comes to marketing. The subtle differences between each of these platforms go a long way and make them unique platforms for marketing. It is important to know these differences before you embark on crafting the social media strategy for your business.

So, here are the three crucial differences between Twitter and Facebook for you which makes them different from one another:


A tweet essentially has a shorter lifespan than a Facebook update. It quickly reaches your intended audience and almost 95% of the engagement comes within an hour after you tweet. Whereas a Facebook update has a longer lifespan and typically the time frame for engagement stretches very long.


Twitter is way faster than Facebook when it comes to speed at which information is passed on. So you can easily gain traction with on twitter when your information in a time-sensitive like limited-time e-commerce deals. Time-sensitive updates may not be efficient with Facebook’s status updates which are a tad slow when compared to twitter.

Peak hours of traffic and Optimal timings:

Activity on Facebook is at its best at noon and whereas for Twitter it’s at 5 in the evening. As for the days, Twitter is at its busier self on Wednesday and for Facebook it’s Saturday. So when you are planning a marketing campaign, it is best to optimize them for different days and different time-slots to make the most of Facebook and Twitter.

It seems like if SEO is test cricket and Facebook is an ODI cricket then Twitter is the crowd favourite T20 cricket when it comes to marketing. But that doesn’t mean other platforms are result oriented it only means that each platform is as different as its audience and those subtle differences between both these platforms play a crucial role in building the right social media strategy for your business.

That said, Twitter Marketing for business is slowly gaining traction for its quick results and better ROI. Though companies offering Digital marketing Service in Hyderabad claim to provide Twitter Marketing Services, there are very few companies which provide right results for Twitter Marketing Service in Hyderabad as Samskriti Business Solutions does.

So if you are looking for Twitter Marketing Company in Hyderabad, you should contact us at Samskriti Business Solutions right away.

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